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July 22, 2012
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Rebel High - Chapter 1.
(Insert chapter title here)


Just another day at this hell hole of a school, sitting as usual in my isolated section of the classroom with the people who hated me. I was dark, black makeup and clothing, dyed hair and skinnier then a rail while the "normal" ones were bright, blonde and so happy it was almost scary. Then there was me, never smile in public, quiet Andy.
I sketched a picture of Batman on the side of my test, trying to think. Math always got to me, the numbers just seemed to be everywhere and then the letters that symbolize the numbers and all the equations that made my brain feel like an empty box full of stupid when I tried to figure them out. It was especially hard when the blonde bitch sitting next to me poped her gum every 3 minuets and had a pencil eraser that could wake the dead.
I seemed to be the only one of my kind here, aside from the 3 friends I had. They all were in another class though. None of us had a class together except the last class of the day, the one we all shared. We were an odd bunch, my friend Jake was alpha-male and very boyish, Jinxx was just creepy but could be funny at points and CC...let me put it this way, have you ever seen a squirrel on crack? You can imagine.Other then that I was alone. All the averages and popular kids hated us four but I would get bullied the most, seeing as I was the weakest of the bunch even if Jinxx was the smallest. I sighed and began to doodle on the desk because I was running out of space on the test sheet.
Blonde bitch next to me clacked her gum again. I glared at her furiously, which she returned. She was curling one of her stupid-looking pigtails with her finger, her orange face looking at me in disgust. "You're not supposed to write on the desk."
She had the most annoying voice ever. I glared for a second longer then looked back down at my desk, quietly erasing the graffiti off the desk and going back to my work. She scoffed and started writing again.
I had to deal with them every day. Either being annoying like that or shoving me into lockers. I wanted to defend myself but I didn't know how to. The guys just told me to ignore them and get on with my life, if thats possible. I finished the last problem and turned in my work.
The class after that was a bit better. I had a somewhat friend in there named Sandra. A short, tomboy girl who always seemed to wear these sunglasses. The teachers gave up on getting her to take them off by the middle of last year, seeing as every time they took them away she'd find a way to get them back or else "buy" a new pair. We sat next to eachother in class, talking about the usual shit with music or life or whatever the subject of conversation was.
"Class!" our teacher called. "Eyes on me!"
Even though we were all highschoolers, all the teachers still used that term. You'd think it would end after 2nd grade, but it followed me through every single year.
She put her wrinkly hands together and smiled sweetly at us, peering through her half moon glasses around the room. "We have a new student in our class today, if he could so kindly stand up."
A scrape of a chair near the back signaled the new kid standing. Everyone turned their heads to him. He was average sized, somewhat long hair with a slim build, tan skin and painted nails. He wore a plain black and white striped shirt and I couldn't see his pants. Fake tattoos on his arm stood out.
"This is Mister Ashley Purdy, he just transferred here from Missouri." she said. "Can you tell us about yourself, Ashley?"
"Thats a guy?" Sandra whispered to me.
"I guess." I said, watching his eyes dart around nervously.
Ashley shrugged, sitting back down and leaning on his arm.
"Oh dear, I'm sorry I didn't know you were shy. Back to the lesson!" with that, she began to preach again about history of art, seeing as this was an art class.
"I hate it when she does that." I whispered "It makes even me feel uncomfortable."
"Poor thing." Sandra said, looking back at him. "Maybe you two could be friends. You met CC that way."
She was right. The first day CC came here, it was in the last class we shared. Th teacher introduced him and asked him about himself, he said "I'm batshit crazy, what else do I have to say?" and sat down again, a look of amusement as the rest of the class stared at him. He got written up for cussing.
"After class, okay?" I said as the teacher passed out stuffed animals. I have no idea what she wants us to do.
"Sounds like a plan."
Short and sweet like your mom's....nevermind.

Chapter one of the AndLey collab I'm doing with :iconfallenangel-angelo: taking place in highschool.

Sorry I didn't give you much to work with man, I couldn't really think of anything to write. Its going to get better though! Ideas ideas...
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