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zxChapter 10 - In The Midnight Hour.

(Andy's POV)
I gave the remains of my pizza slice to Ashley. I couldn't choak down anymore.
Night had fallen and the moon was high up, full and streaming through the windows in Ashley's room where we sat, playing Uno and eating.
"Andy you need to eat it." he said "You didn't eat at all today."
Yes kiddies. On top of everything else that was screwed up with me, I'm anorexic. Plus I just hated pizza. The texture didn't feel right, all slimey and soft, the taste was weird and it just didn't feel right. I shook my head and pushed the half eaten slice back at him. "I don't want it."
Ashley sighed and put it on the bedside table, having to reach around me to get there. His elbow brushed against my thighs, making me jump inside.
"Color change blue." he said, laying down a Wild card.
"You suck." I said, grabbing a card out of the pile. "Pass."
He grinned and put down a switch card. It seems pretty pointless when you only have two people but that gives you another turn. 1, 2, 3 more switch cards and a draw 2 from the pile card untill he had two left, leaving me with 7 or so. I grumbled and laid down a blue 7 card.
Uno isn't that complacated. You usually stop playing it when you graduate Elementary school or when your kids grow up, but we always play it when I'm over. Always. Once I beat him in a single turn. Now he's kicking MY ass at it
"Color change yellow." he said, laying down yet another wild card.
I looked at my pile of cards. I grinned as I realized the majority of my pile is yellow, 2 draw cards, a few number cards and 2 switch cards. I laid down one of the draw 2 cards.
"Damnit!" He said, drawing two cards and frowning down at them. He put down a yellow 4 card.
This went on for a while until we were both down to two cards. A serious competitive pokerface glare on both our faces. Ashley took his card out of his fan and laid it down, it was a green 5. "Uno."
I laid down my card, grinning evily. "Uno."
Ashley looked at me wide eye'd "You wouldn't!"
"I would." I said. "Color change red."
Ashley groaned and took a card from the pile, frowning and looking back at me. I laid down my final card, a red 1.
"I win!" I said, putting my arms up. Ashley grumbled and threw his cards at the wall.
"Oh come on, its only a game."
"That you've won 3 times in a row."
I grinned again.
"Its not fair." he crossed his arms.
"How is it not fair?"
"You..." he looked at the card piles. "You jinxed the card piles with your wiccan rituals power or something."
I raised my eyebrows. "Its not like I won anything."
Ashley rolled his eyes. "True."
I piled up the cards again and shuffled them, giving us each 5. Ashley picked his up and made a fan.
"Maybe we could try a prize." he said.
"Like what?" I said, putting down a card from the stack and laying my card down.
Ashley scratched his head and laid down a card. "I didn't think of that.."
"Hm..." I drew a card from the stack. "How about loser gets to be winner's bitch for the rest of the night?"
Ashley stared at me, possibly considering it. I smiled sweetly and shuffled my cards. He blushed and looked down again. "Sounds good."

(time skip~)
Ashley had three cards while I had ten. I was losing my own game! He smirked evilly and put down a switch card, then a wild card "Uno!"
"You suck." I said for the third time.
"Blue." he said.
I put down a blue switch card and a blue 5. Why did my only draw card have to be red?
Ashley put down his last card and ginned evilly at me, piling them back with the rest of the stack. I sighed and put my cards in too.
"Looks like you're my bitch tonight, dearest Andy." he giggled.
This was going to be fun. "Do I have to act like a dog?"
"Say woof."
"And stick out your tongue."
I did so, shifting so I was sitting on my hands and knees. Ashley laughed at my dog impression.
"I want a dog when I grow up." he said "Cute and fluffy."
"I want a cat." I said "They're not as loud."
"Can you act like a cat?"
I pouted. "I'm not the Pretty Kitty."
"Oh yeah..." Ashley looked down at the cards "This game is getting boring."
I started gathering them up, stacking them orderly like the neat freak I am and setting them back under Ashley's bed.
"Now what?"
Ashley shrugged. We had already watched all the movies, played the games dead and falling asleep was impossible at the moment due to the energy shots we five finger discounted from the local gas station. What else was there?
"Rock paper scissors?" I suggested.
"Okay thats crossing the line."
I rolled my eyes "You make a better suggestion."
Ashley thought for a minuet, putting his finger on his lip and chewing on his nail adorably.
"Anything?" I asked after a minuet or two.
"I can only think or 'would you rather' and 'have you ever'." he said.
"We can do that until we pass out from boredom." I giggled.
"Okay!" Ashley shifted a bit, sitting cross legged. "You go first."
"Would you rather eat off your hand or eat off your foot?" I asked.
Ashley laughed. "Why would I put myself in that situation?"
"Bath salts?" I said. "I dunno."
"Foot. I can hop really well." he said.
"You'd die of blood loss before you even get the chance to stand up, seeing as bloodflow is harder below your belly button." I said "Damn gravity."
"How do you know this?" he asked.
I looked down guiltily. I actually knew from experiance, seeing as I almost died one time cutting my ankle. I was in the hospital for a couple days and passed it off as I had cut it accidentally on a piece of glass. "I learned it in science class."
"Right." concern crossed his face for a second. "Would you rather fly or turn invisible?"
"Fly. Freak people out." I grinned. "Its a bird! Its a plane! No bitch its Andy."
Ashley laughed. "Okay your turn."
"Would you" I tried to think of something, my mind was empty. "Would you rather fuck a super model, or me?"
Wow I really just brought that up? I knew he'd pick supermodel,they're pretty, have boobs and easy as fuck, but inside I kind of wished he'd say me.
He pondered the question, looking like he was about to chew a hole through his lip. It was cute when he chewed his lips, the way his tooth showed a tiny bit over the edge if it. Even though its a bad habit, I liked it. Thats why lip rings are awesome.
"" he drew out the word.
As usual, my face flushed red, as did his. He giggled into his hands, his thin shoulders shaking slightly at it. I chuckled back and looked at the bed.
"Would you ever do it though?" I asked "Thats the question."
If possible he blushed deeper. "If you'd let me..."
We both must be strawberries now. Ashley was looking down at the bed, playing with the crinkles in the sheets, his hair masking half of his face. I just watched him doing that.
I have some kind of tenancy to stare at people, I don't even realize I'm doing it. Creepes out a lot of people...its amazing I don't have restraining orders against people for accidently staring at them. Ashley finally smoothed out the crinkles and looked back up at me. "Would you let me?"
"Yes!" I said immediately, a little loudly then clapped my hands over my mouth. "I mean yeah."
"So..." he said in a low voice.
"Yeah." I played with my fingers. Ashley looked down at my hands then back up at me. God he was beautiful, his brown eyes light and focused on me, his caramel skin shaded at all the right places, Ashley Purdy is just beautiful in all ways. I leaned forward, holding myself up on my hands and whispered right in his ear.
"You can still tell me what to do."
When I leaned back slightly his face was still inches from mine. So close you could see the pores on his cheeks, the flecks in his eyes too. He ran his fingers over my jawline, holding my chin and staring into my eyes. "Kiss me."
I tilted my head slightly to the side, parting my lips and pushing them against his, kissing him as much as Little Virgin Andy could. He kissed back expertly, slipping his tongue between my teeth. I returned it by licking his bottom lip, wrapping my arms around his shoulders too. He leaned backwards and propped himself up on his elbows, pulling me onto his lap. My stomach lurched as I sat on my knees between his legs, almost laying on top of him.
"Oh my god Ashley." I broke off and pushed my forehead against his, giggling slightly. He still had his eyes closed, breathing hard and very sexy-like. I pecked his lips again and again, running my fingers through his hair. I french kissed him again, accidently pushing our noses together.
"Andy" he broke off, keeping our foreheads together. my eyes fluttered open to meet his.
"I..." he licked his lips. Not bite, licked. "I want..."
I ground my hips between his legs, doing sort of a body wave. "This?"
He gave a little moan. "Y-yes."
I ground my hips in circles between his legs, holding him by the hips gently. He moaned, clenching his teeth and tilted back his head. I intertwined my fingers in his hair and kissed him again, by the little gasps of air he made I was sure this was driving him crazy. He moved his arms and laid us all the way down then dug his nails onto my arm, still kissing deeply.
"M-m-more" he gasped after a few seconds. I smiled slightly and went back to kissing him, cupping my hand between his thighs and pinching gently. He squirmed and bit my lip.
"Ow..." I whiped my mouth, checking for blood.
"Sorry..." he said guiltily "I couldn't help it."
I pecked his cheek then went on down to his neck, kissing and sucking lightly on the vein. He gasped softly, his mouth making an O shape at my touch. I ran my hand over his chest and kept kissing, lining trails up the right side of his neck.
"Let me top." he whispered, gasping again.
I sat up, pulling him on top of me. He attacked my lips like a lion, sucking on my bottom lip and slipping his tongue across them, exploring kind of. I ran my fingers through his raven black hair again, messing it up for the first time ever.He didn't seem to notice, since he was busy trying unbuckling his pants. I pushed his hands away and got the button for him, doing the same to mine. He grinned and kicked them off, sending his underwear with them then pulled down my jeans.
"Batman?" he giggled, ripping off my boxers.
I blushed. "Yeah..."
He brushed his hands down my chest and down to my privates, fingered my southern hair playfully.
"Quit that" I giggled, spreading my legs.
"Aw is Andy ticklish?" he teased.
"Maybe." I said, shifting a little.
Ashley rolled his eyes and pulled up the front of my shirt, kissing my chest. I raised my arms over my head so he could rip it off my shoulders then tossing it with the rest of my clothes.
"What about you, outlaw?" I said, playing with the hem of his shirt. He quickly tucked his arm inside the sleeves and pulled it over his head, making his hair seem to fall in slow motion. I ran my hands over his OUTLAW tattoo, black old western letters scarred his diaphragm, standing out against his tan skin. He giggled softly and ran his nails down my arm again, moving my arms out of the way and kissing me again. I made another little moaning sound and put my hands on his hips.
He broke off and looked down. I took a long intake of air and stared at him again, questioning slightly if this were real. He looked up and smiled back, his white teeth making the area around his mouth a little brighter.
"You're so cute." I murmured.
He kissed my chin then slowly went down, landing pecks down my abdomen and stopped at my waist, playing teasingly at my dick. I spread my legs more for some reason, watching him. He smiled sweetly then dragged his tongue slowly up my member, going down and repeating. Shoving it in his mouth the third time out. I moaned softly as he began to bob his head back and forth, giving me sexy eyes as he did so. I leaned back on the pillows and groaned with every wave of pleasure that tickled my insides, swinging my hips lightlly, showing my love. He dug his nails into my thighs roughly then pulled out and smirked at me.
"Like this?" he asked wickedly.
I nodded my head, fingering one hand through his hair again. He purred into my thighs and wrapped his cold fingers around my dick, stroking softly up and down. I arched my back, pushing towards him and moaning again, almost ripping out my lip ring. He giggled and kissed my thigh, stroking harder and harder...
"M-More!" I groaned, on the edge. He pumped faster, his hand was almost a blur. I squeezed shut my eyes and screamed, staining his hands white. let go and climbed over me again, kissing my sweaty lips. I giggled into the kiss and started to roll over, but he stopped me.
"Next time." he whispered, putting his fingers on my lips.
"Next time. I'm tired." he said, kissing me again.
"Whens next time?" I cooed.
"I dunno."
I lay back in disappointment, holding his clean hand. He grinned at me and licked the cum-covered one, making me giggle stupidly again.
"Yeah Andy?"
I kissed his hand. "I love you."
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