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Chapter 9 - Sleeping Beauty.

I didn't want to go to school. I didn't want to wake up. I didn't want to move.
I lay in my bed, wrapped up in my blanket and staring at the wall. The little bumps and ridges stared back at me. I cocooned myself in my blanket all night, wrapped around my skinny frame. It was hotter then hell but I didn't care. I was numb anyway, only the cuts on my arm provided feeling.
I didn't sleep. I would close my eyes for a few minuets and see him again, then jerk awake screaming. I'll never forget that wicked smile he gave me, causing me to shudder or cry every time it flashed in my head. Luckily my blanket cocoon muffled it from anyone being woken up and questioning me...especially him.
My blanket was one of those really fluffy ones, long enough to wrap around me twice but still hung over my bed slightly. It had a soft texture and was plaid black and grey, about 1 inches thick when ironed. I've had it since I was little.
When the sun started rising I hid even deeper under the cover. I didn't want to go to school, people would just hurt me there too, Kill me even. Ashley would know I was cutting again and all would go to hell...
"Its all your fault." I told myself. "You're stupid."
My heart sank because I knew it was true. Ashley liked me but we couldn't be together, it'd cause more pain between us and everyone else. Jake and CC looked happy together, but they weren't bullied...we were. I curled up sighed.

A couple hours later it seemed I heard Mom's quiet footsteps in the hall. He always had the gentlest of steps, seeing as she was an expert sneaker. She said when she was a little girl, she always stole cookies from my aunt and made her believe that it was the dog. A couple seconds later I heard my door creek open.
"Andy" she sang softly. "time for school."
I pretended to be asleep, ignoring her.
"Andy." she shook my shoulder. "Wake up baby."
I shifted and hid deeper in my blanket, wanting to disappear. She's going to make me get up and shes going to see everything...
"Andy, Ashley is waiting." she said, shaking a little harder. "Wake up please."
"I don't want to go to school." I whined, peeking out through the top of my blanket.
"Why not?"
"I hurt." I said, going back under my covers.
She sighed sympathetically. "I'm sorry honey. You have to go to school if you want to be smart though. Nobody likes a dumb rockstar."
I groaned. "Mommy..."
She sat down on the edge of my bed, peeling back the covers from my head and stroking my hair. "I know Pete hurts you, but I know someday he'll see its not right." she said. "He can't always tell right from wrong."
Damn straight. I said to myself.
"But you're strong. I know you." she continued "I didn't raise a weak baby."
I shook my head and hid my face again.
"Do you want me to get Ashley?" she asked. "I saw him outside waiting for you."
I was silent, staring at the wall again. She got up and left my room, quietly trooping down the stairs. I pulled the blanket back over my head again as I heard the door open.
Ashley's quick footsteps sounded on the stairs. A second later my door opened again, Ashley came in and leaned over my bed.
"Hey sleeping beauty." he said "Time to get up."
"No." I murmured.
"Come on, after school we can watch movies."
"Great. Get me after school."
Ashley sighed. "Andy please?"
I rolled my eyes and finally pushed the covers off my head and shoulders. "Fine." I grumbled, sitting up.
"There we go." he said, smiling. "Your hair is messy."
"No shit." I said, rubbing my head. "Maybe I should brush it..."
Ashley stepped back, allowing me room to get up. I looked under the blanket at my cut up arm fearfully for a second then back at Ashley.
"Cover your eyes." I said.
"Uh..." I racked my head for a good enough lie. Its hard to lie to Ashley, he has some kind of super power where he can tell if you're lying or not. Or else I'm just a horrible liar...yeah I'm just a horrible liar.
"I'm naked." Actually I was in my underwear but good enough.
Ashley's cheeks turned a bight pink. "Oh..." He covered his eyes and faced away from me.
I sighed in relief. He actually believed me for once...
I kicked off my blanket and quickly pulled on my gloves. I checked to make sure Ashley was still covering his eyes and picked out a pair of pants from the drawer and sliding them on. The denim slid easily over my porcelain thighs, striped with scars. Luckily the rips were in the right places so nothing showed.
I looked back at Ashley, his fingers that were parted a little bit snapped shut quickly. I felt my cheeks light up this time, a red stain spreading across my cheekbones. I poked his fingers
"No peaking." I popped my lips on the P.
"I'm not." he said under his palms.
I pulled on a shirt and slipped on my shoes. "You can look now." I said, getting to my feet.
Ashley uncovered his face, his eyes following me as I went to the bathroom to do my hair and makeup. I plugged in my hair straightener, running my hand through the wavy mess that sat on my head. It stuck out at points, but it also tangled. I grabbed my teasing comb and combed it out.
"Damn I just brush it and put some hairspray." Ashley said, watching me battle with my bangs.
"Lucky bitch." I said, eventually ripping the knot out painfully.
Ashley leaned against the door frame. I picked up the straightener and pulled it along my bangs.


(Writer's block sucks)
"Mommy can I spend the weekend at Ashley's?"
Andy was on the old cord house phone I had in my kitchen, one finger pressed against is ear to hear his Mom on the other line. I could hear her voice faintly over the other end, then again I was 6 or so inches away from him.
"Its only untill Sunday." he said. "Its not like I'm moving in."
She spoke again, a bit louder. Was she yelling?
"Give him more sleep pills in his soup." Andy rolled his eyes and pointed at the phone, mouthing something I couldn't make out. "We're not going to do drugs either."
There was a small silence before she replied. When she did, and grinned and squeeled his thanks into the phone and hung up. "I can stay!"
I grinned and put my arms up. "WHOOOO!"
We did a little cheer dance for a couple seconds, realized how stupid we probably looked and calmed the fuck down. Andy cleared his throat and flattened his bangs.
"So...what now?" He asked.
I looked at the clock. It was about 8:30, my Aunt should be home soon.
"Auntie is bringing pizza, I got a movie." I said, leading him to the living room. I jumped onto the fluffy sofa and was instantly swallowed by it. Andy laughed as I struggled to keep my head from being squished in the cushins. I finally laid on my back, sinking completely in so far I could barely see over the sides. Andy came over to mee and looked down at me.
"You're like a doll in a couch-coffin." he laughed, moving my hair and sitting by my head.
"I'm not a doll!" I protested "I'm a..."
"Purdy Kitty?" he said, poking at my shirt. I wore a powder blue shirt with a kitten on it, the words "Pretty Kitty" were written on its paws.
"Yeah." I felt my cheeks go warm.
"So what am I?" he asked, playing with my bangs.
"Sexy?" God damnit brain! "Th-that came out wrong..."
Andy laughed. "Good luck thinking something that rhymes with that."
"Erm..." I thought for a minuet. "Mexy?"
"I'm white."
Andy rolled his eyes. "No really, I'm like natural ivory."
"I'm natural leather. Something." I brushed my fingers along my face. "Very smooth leather."
"Oooh can I feel?" he said, holding his hands over my face.
Andy is killing me! God I want to pull him on me and just kiss him like there's no tomorrow. He said he was straight, and he never mentioned liking anyone. Frustrations frustrations frustrations...
I let him touch my cheeks. He ran his index finger from my jawline up to my temple. making me shudder inward. He giggled miscellaneously.
"Why do you do this to me?" I groaned.
"Because I love torturing you." he said. "You're cute when you're frustrated."
TO BE CONTINUED because I ned to sleep...
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