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Chapter 6 - Night.

A couple months later.

(Andy's POV)

"Get back here!"
I ran blindly through my house, stumbling over rugs and other shit thrown throughout my house. Pete chased me, waving his belt over his head and screaming at me. Among the footsteps I could hear my mom screaming at Pete to leave me alone.
I knocked over the kitchen chairs, blocking his path, only to be cornered between the table and the kitchen sink. I hopped from foot to foot, going one way then the other, trying to confuse him.
In the back of my mind I remembered Ashley telling me to "haul ass" over to his house if Pete went after me again. I planned on doing that, I knew this neighborhood inside and out. Every crack in the sidewalk every path behind the houses every tree was carved into my memory like hieroglyphs. As I swayed I maped what passage I'd take to Ashley's.
I dove sideways and Pete ran at me. I dropped under the table, crawling as fast as I can and ran to the door, unlatching it and swinging it open; running into the stormy night.

I ran the opposite direction from where I was supposed to go, in case they decided to follow me. I ran as fast as I could, my gazelle legs pushing off the ground with all their might and my arms swinging to help me move faster. Rain water hit my face hard, soaking me to the bone. As I turned the corner I quickly grabbed on to a wire fence and began to climb, dropping into the back woods.
The woods were the hardest to navigate, especially at night and while its raining. 2 of your most important senses were almost gone, its dark and all you hear its the pat-pat-pat of the water falling off leaves and hitting the ground. i trusted my memory to get me through the dark.
My legs developed a mind of their own, going way faster then I told them to and jumping over opsticles I didn't see. I felt the rain dissapear, only me running...

I broke into the clearing, just a few houses down from Ashley. I hopped the wire fence easily and sprinted up the hill, jumping the front steps and pounding on the door.
"Holy shit hold on!" I heard Ashley say.
A few seconds later He opened the door, looking to the side "Knock like that again and I'll take the tip off-oh its you..."
I gave a weak smile at him before my knees gave out. He caught me before I hit the ground and helped me inside.
He let me go in the livingroom. Right as I let go I fell onto the sofa, completely out of breath and tired. Ashley got me a towel from the closet and handed it to me.
"What happened now?" he asked, crossing his arms.
"Drunk." I panted. "Came at me right in front of Mom, I escaped though."


Notice I'm a little pissed off right now? Heres what happened right before Andy came breaking down my door.
"June, I told you no." I hissed into the phone.
June was my ex girlfriend from 7th grade, blonde with an un naturally sized cleavage and tanner then me. She'd come crying to me today since I'm "the only one who ever loved her." so to speak.
"Please Ashy?" She whined.
"Don't call me that." I growled over the phone "I broke up with your cheating ass months ago when you fucked a 8th grader behind the god damn school! If it wasn't for his girlfriend telling me I'd probably still be with you."
"That bitch had no right-"
"We'll I'm glad she told me, because then I'd end up marrying you when we're older!" I said. "I'm not getting with you again!"
"God damnit Ashley you're pissing me off!"
"Fine you dumbass faggot I never even liked you anyway." she hissed "Go fuck your little emo-ass boyfriend you always hang out with!"
"Don't say SHIT about Andy!" I shouted and hung up the phone, throwing it onto the kitchen table.
"You don't have any FUCKING right talking about Andy!" I screamed at the phone, as if she could hear me. I stormed upstairs and kicked open my bedroom door, rage bubbling inside of me. I picked up my lamp and threw it at the wall, making the lightbaulb inside smash and the base of it crack. I got on my bed and ripped down the model posters, ripping their stupid fucking faces off my wall and throwing them on the ground.
"FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU!" I screamed, kicking them across the bed.
I slammed my fist against the wall, leaving a slight dent it. I gasped in pain and shook my hand, searing in pain. I sucked on the knuckles that hurt the most and dropped down from my bed, studying the mess I made before slowly going down stairs.
I looked at the phone, 3 missed calls all from the whore. I rolled my eyes and went to the freezer to get an ice pack for my knuckles so they wouldn't swell. When I opened the empty fridge my stomach growled. I looked down at my belly and grunted, taking the ice out of the freezer and holding it on my hand. I dialed the pizza place and ordered a small pepperoni pizza. I'll save the rest for my Aunt when she gets home.
10 minuets later I was picking up my room when I saw a figure dart onto my front step then a harsh pounding sounded...
Well you get the idea.

"What the FUCK is his problem?!" I said, stamping my foot angerily. "You don't deserve any of it!"
"I know." he said.
"Its not fair! People have to be complete assholes all the time, shit." I dropped down on the sofa next to him, almost folding myself in half. I didn't care.
"What happened to your knuckles?" he asked, looking down at my bruised hand.
"I punched the wall." I answered.
"Why did you punch the wall?" he asked.
"Because I was mad."
"Ex girlfriend."
He raised his eyebrows at me. "You have an ex girlfriend?"
"Three, thats not important." I looked down, feeling my face go red.
"Damn Ash!" he said, giggling slightly.
Wait, did I hear a hint of jealousy in his voice? No. I'm hearing things. I Shifted into a more comfortable position on the sofa, looking sideways at him. He was blushing.
"So what did Bitchy McBitch-bitch say?" he asked.
"First she wanted me back, then I say I'm not going to..."
"She wanted you back?" Yep. defiantly jealousy there.
"I told her no and she goes and calls me a fag and insults you too." I said, resting my head on my knees. Flexible Ashley is flexible.
"Me?" he crooked his eyebrows again.
"Yeah. She stalks me, knows who I hang out with." I shrugged. "Her bark is worse then her bite. Plus she can't run without her tit slapping her in the face."
Andy laughed loudly, falling to the side slightly. I joined in a little.
"So don't you have any exes?" I asked.
Andy calmed down and nodded. "One, but they were kind of an elementary school thing."
"Oh really?"
"Yeah. We were 'super best' friends and I said I wanted to be their boyfriend." he said. "It was second grade, we'd get all these weird looks around the room. Especially when we'd hold hands."
I nodded knowingly. i had something kind of like that when I was younger.
"What was her name?" I asked cursorily.
His smile dropped and he looked down, embarrassed slightly. "Um...its kind of weird..."
"Did she have a guy name?" I asked. "I fully understand having a weird name."
"I know but...promise not to laugh?" he said, giving me puppy eyes.
"I won't." I said, holding out my pinky.
He hooked his pinky with mine and sighed softly. "It wasn't a she."
I felt my eyes go wide. "A he?"
He nodded his head. "Yeah. We were friends and we both didn't really HAVE those types of feelings for girls, I mean they were pretty and all but not pretty enough. I liked him...back then."
"Interesting." I said, drawing out the word. Andy looked at his knees shyly.
"I think I'm straight now...I think." he shrugged.  
"You think?"
"I think."
"Well...what about you? Describe your first girlfriend." he said, his blue eyes wandering back to me.
"I don't even remember her name." I said with a slight giggle. "She like, came up to me one time and asked me to be her boyfriend. I looked more like a boy back then so all the other girls were jealous." I giggled again, this was embarrassing.
"When exactly was back then?" Andy said, giglging stupidly along with me. "Back then could be yesterday or 10,000 years."
"3rd grade or some shit." I replied, running a hand through my hair. "My hair was actually short."
If you can imagine, my hair was about an inch long on top and so short on the sides you could see my scalp.
"My hair hasn't been really short in a while." Andy said, poking at his bangs. "I've been called all sorts of names for it, but I like my hair long."
"Its a bitch to take care of." I said.
I played with my thumbs awkwardly, trying to think of what to say next. Andy pulled his knees up to his chest and sighed.
"Ashley?" he asked after a while.
"Yes Andrew dearest?" I said in a british tone.
"Can I spend the night here?" he asked, looking at the dark window. "Pete can be like a black cat sometimes and stay up all night...waiting."
My heart skipped a beat. Andy, sleep here? Same place as me? I bit my lip. "My aunt should be home in a few hours and she might not be too happy with a surprise sleepover..."
"Please Ashy?" he said, folding his hands and sticking out his bottom lip.
I hesitated. Let him go home and possibly be hurt, or let him stay here and risk something I'll regret? I'd much rather he'd be safe...
"Okay." I said finally. "Our skinny asses should fit in my bed."
In a flash Andy had his arms around my shoulders, his head resting in the crook of my neck. "Thank you thank you thank you Ashley!" he squeeled.
I slightly hugged him back before he leaned back, smiling at me. I ruffled his hair with my right hand, he flipped me off.
"Thats not nice." I said, making a grab for his middle finger. He jerked it away from me.
"Thats not nice." he mimicked, messing with my hair next.
"Stop copying me." I said.
"Stop copying me."
"Hello Kitty."
"Hello Kitty."
"Stop" I said, drawing out the 'o' sound.
"I don't wanna." he said, drawing out the 'a' sound.
I rolled my eyes, annoyed.
"Aww Ashley's annoyed." he said.
I scoffed.
"Your pissed off face is adorable though." he piped.
I felt my cheeks burn. I looked down at my lap.


(Andy POV)
I stared around in awe at Ashley's bedroom. There were band posters everywhere, mostly the ones I liked and then some. There was also a good amount of motorcycle posters and corners of the posters that were ripped down and scattered across the floor. The walls were black but the wardrobe and bedside table were white. His bed sheets were black with a Hello Kitty comforter and pillows, the comforter was crumpled up in a heap at the end of the bed. By the door was a hamper of dirty clothes.
Ash was crawling around on the floor picking up the ripped posters I guess he'd torn down in rage or something. My eyes wandered every time he wasn't facing me.
He tossed the crumpled up paper in the laundry hamper and laid out the comforter so it was straight and pulled back a corner, smoothing out the white and blue fluffy fabric. He turned back to me and spread his arms wide.
"My room." he said, grinning.
"Nice." I said, looking around the room again. I noticed he also had a black light over his bed.
He crawled onto his bed and pulled off his shirt. I looked down shyly, my fingers ringing themselves together.
"Coming or what?" he said. "I don't bite."
"Thats what she said." I giggled, kicking off my shoes.
I switched off the light and awkwardly climbed in next to him, pulling the covers over my shoulders. Ashley's eyes barely poked out from under the blanket but he was watching me, his eyes looked black in the darkness.
"You look so creepy." I giggled.
"Says the ghost." he said back.
"You're so fucking pale!" he giggled.
"Racist." I said.
"You're just a floating head, its creepy." he murmured, closing his eyes.
I rolled my eyes and tucked my arms inside my shirt sleeves, pulling it over my head and tossing it on the floor. Ashley's eyes opened again as he looked over me. I got back under the comforter and wrapped my arms across my chest, laying on my side.
"Still a floating head?" I whispered, grinning.
"No." he whispered back, shuffling a little bit. "You're too warm to be a ghost now."
Ashley's bed was small, a small queen mattress so we were pretty close together. We shared the hello kitty pillow, his face was so close to mine our noses touched if one of us moved. His bubble mint breath was driving me crazy, but I couldn't...
His eyes were closed and after a little bit I was sure he was asleep. He was cute when he was asleep, his face like an angel. The way his eyelashes were perfectly symmetrical with his eyelids and cheekbones, his lips pressed tightly together. 2 inches separating them from mine. I shifted my head slightly, pondering weather or not to give in. He was definitely asleep by now. His warm breath tickling my chin...
"You're killing me, Ashley Purdy." I whispered as quietly as I could. "Fucking murdering me."
I wanted to hold him, kiss him, touch him, cuddle and go all out flaming homosexual. But I couldn't, he'd push me away and never talk to me again. I knew he would, just like in all the stories I've read. Rejection, thats what it is. My breath stuck in my throat when he shifted in his sleep, tilting up his head. His breath warming my lips now. No Andy, bad Andy control yourself...
Painfully I tore my contact away from him and tucked my head under my arms, only my forehead was above the line of the blanket. I sighed softly, bummed I chickened out but relived that I didn't. Ashley grunted in his sleep and rolled over, pushing his leg between my ankle. I smiled, he was adorable.
One day. I vowed silently. </i> one day I won't hesitate.
I'm such a fucking tease ;D
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