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Our Razorblade Symphony - Chapter 2

I had ot spend the night in the hospital. Not sleep, you're not SUPPOSED to sleep with a concussion. Oh well, I'm not tired anyway.
I sat alone in the dim-lit hospital room, decorated with bright colored roses and some "get well soon, motherfucker." cards from my cousins that my mom had brought in. I had my eyes glued to the TV screen and my hands clutching the game controller as i played Battlestar Galactia. My 8-bit space jet shooting missiles at the 8-bit alien bug things. I never knew what they were, they look like wasps from Mars to me.
I heard footsteps from the hallway. Even though visiting hours ended a while ago, 5 hours to be exact, people still came in and wandered in on the people they knew seeing as this was considered the "ghetto hospital" and the doctors didn't care if people came in to see us or not. They just wanted their shift over.
I groaned angrily as I lost another life. Damn space wasps kept hitting me! The footsteps from the hallway got closer, from the loud thump I guessed their were either boots or clogs, and they were coming for my room.
I was at the very end of the children's ward, not many people came this far. Most of the really bad kids like the cancer kids and accident kids were closer up front, whereas dumbasses like me who get concussions and have to stay the night get the ones at the back.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw a tall figure walk through the doorway of my room. The blue curtain his their face so I didn't know who it was.
"Mom?" I asked, pausing the game.
"No..." Answered a deep voice. A set of pale, skinny fingers wrapped around the blue curtain and carefully shoved it aside, revealing the kid who found me and scared off the jocks. He held a couple dandelions and a colorful pencil.
"Oh its you." I said, surprised. I didn't exactly expect him to visit me.
"Yeah." he smiled, looking down at the things he held. "I brought you stuff, if you don't mind."
I put the controller on the bed stand. He laid down the dandelion and pencil on my lap.
"I figured it'd be nice to get you something, I found this outside and mistook it for a lilly. Its fucking dark out there..." he looked out the window. "I got the pencil from the gift shop, I only had a few cents on me."
"Its okay." I said, dropping the dandelion in the vase along with the other flowers. "Thanks, uh..."
"Andrew. Call me Andy." he said, fluffing his hair.
"Ashley." he answered for me.
"How did you know that?"
"I carried you to the nurse and she muttered it to herself while going through her files to find your house number." Andy explained. "She said its not the first time you've been in there knocked out."
He was right. There was a couple incidents in 6th and 7th grade where I was knocked out and some fellow freaks called the nurse. Not as serious as a concussion though.
"Yeah..." I said, looking down at the pencil. It was blue with Hello Kitty stamps and flowers all over it. "You know I like Hello Kitty?"
"Your shirt." he said. "Its really pretty."
"I dress like a girl a lot, I know." I mumbled.
"Long hair and pink doesn't make someone a drag queen." Andy pointed out.
I laughed. Drag Queen? Please. "I'm not a drag queen!"
"I didn't mean it like that..." he looked down at the floor, blushing slightly and playing with the hem of his batman shirt. "I'm sorry."
"Its okay."
He smiled at me again, making his lip ring reflect the lamp light.
"So um..." I shifted in spot, the gown was sticking to my back. "Why visit me at 1 am?"
Andy sucked in his breath, a guilty look crossing his face, mixing with...fear?
"I snuck out." he said. "After my stepdad was asleep."
"You couldn't come earlier?"
He shook his head. "I'm dead if he finds out. Literally."
"It can't be that bad..."
He gave me a look that silenced me. He looked at the clock, itching his left arm through the elbow-length glove. It slipped slightly, revealing a small inflamed scratch. He looked down and pulled it back up quickly, looking back at me.
"So um...battlestar?" i said, holding up the remote.
He looked at the clock again worriedly, his thin eyebrows curving up. "I think I should leave now."
"Alright. I'll see you around then?"
He nodded, turning and walking quickly out the door, his hard-heel boots clacking against the floor. I watched him go, breaking into a run down the hallway.

10 minuets later, Andy's POV.

I raced down the dark street, my hair and skin the only thing to give cars the warning that i was there. I didn't care, I had to get home NOW. I knew visiting Ashley was dangerous, was it worth another trip to hell? Yes. Atleast he knows who I am.
I came close to revealing one of my deepest secretes to him and I barely knew him. I didn't even know his last name, what his personality was, what he could or couldn't do, I just couldn't get him out of my head. You can't forget the face of the first kid you saw almost least it looked like that when he fainted.
I approched my house. The living room light was on and I could just barely see the pissed-off face of my stepdad, Pete. His muscular arms crossed his chest, his white tank top stained with beer stains and his thin lips pulled down into a frown. I took a deep breath and tried to sneek in through the back of our tiny house.
Just as I quietly opened the storm door he pulled open the door, glaring down at me in pure hatred. In one crossed arm he clutched his belt.
"Where the fuck were you?" he slurred. He stank of liquor.
"At the hospital visiting my friend." I mumbled, looking up at him.
He sneered and grabbed my arm, squeezing the scrawny limb with his giant hands. I cried out in pain as he yanked me inside and threw me onto the kitchen floor.
"You think you can just sneak out like that without my permission, punk?!" he hissed, raising the belt above his head. I threw my hands over my face, in case he actually dared to go there. He usually didn't to avoid questionable teacher, but you never know.
"I'm sorry!" I cried.
"I don't wanna hear it!" he yelled, bringing the belt down across my chest. I screamed just as the air got knocked out of me, making me jerk to the side which made the back of my shirt go up, revealing my lower back.
"What do you have to say for yourself, Andy Six " he said, sneering my name.
"Daddy I'm sorry!" I said.
The sick bastard made me call him Dad or Daddy since he couldn't have real kids of his own. He slapped the belt across the exposed layer of skin on my back. making me jump again and cover it with my gloved hands. He slapped me two more times then threw the belt on the counter, grabbing me by my hair and pulling me downstairs.
"Get in there!" he demanded, shoving me into the cellar and slamming the door, leaving me in near-pitch blackness. I watched the light under the door, Pete's shadow slowly crossed it before disappearing, along with the light. I massaged the burning parts of my body he had hit, laying down on the stone cold floor and shuddering.
I waited for my mom to come home from work and come get me. Pete would tell her what he did or else she'd notice he had no belt. I softly sang to myself, trying to keep the tears away that were already forming around my lined eyes.
"Through sadness you have taught us to be one with the crowd..."
...unveil a sacred honor, hymns of falling down.

Well isn't THIS pleasantly depressing? Poor Andy...

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