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Chapter 19 - Fuck School

(Ashley POV)

At school the next day all sympathy for me was gone, and the bullying was worse than yesterday. Since Andy wasn't around like I had mentioned so many god damn times I decided to hang around Jake, Jinxx, CC and Sandra more.

We sat around one of the picnic tables outside, not a single fucking being given that it was colder then hell out there. CC was trying to make a joke but I wasn't listening.

"So her boyfriend says 'where'd it go?' And she said 'my vagina ate it!' Wait thats right.."

Jake laughed anyway when nobody else did, probably just trying to save him the humiliation of getting it wrong. Jinxx rolled his eyes and elbowed me. "Your turn, Purdy."

"I didn't know we were taking turns." I said, closing shut my notebook I took everywhere.

"Just do a knock-knock joke or something." Sandra said. "Better than CC's mouse tattoo joke."

I shook my head. "I'm not good with jokes."

"Bullshit. Come on!" CC said and tapped me with his wrist. I shook my head again.

"Do a knock knock joke or something." Jake suggested.

"I said no." I got up, turning away from the group and walking off.

People have really been getting on my nerves lately. Either telling me to do things or being stuck up assholes. I missed Andy so badly, the feeling of emptiness in my gut growing larger every hour and every time I wondered what he was doing. I told myself its just another 2 years and when he gets out everything would be fine, but I knew it wouldn't be the same. He'd be different, he'd be bigger, he wouldn't be the kind innocent little Andy I love, he'd be  completely new heart breaks at the very thought. If only I could see him now...

I left school grounds, not caring if the school didn't want me to. I wanted to see Andy NOW before something happened and I lost him forever. An unchained bike lay on the corner of the street, a bit small for me. I shook my head at the thought and pulled out my bus pass.

"Shouldn't y'all be at school?" the bus driver asked suspiciously, looking down at me from the seat.

"I took the wrong bus. I'm a fifth grader and I took the middle school bus by accident." I lied, thanking God for my girlish voice and small figure. He shrugged and let me pass.

I stood by the front, keeping a tight grip on the purple standing bar. The bus was more rickety than a normal bus and just as uncomfortable, my stomach flying into my throat every time it went over a bump. Within 10 or so minuets we neared the place where Andy was.

I pulled the yellow string and made the "Stop Requested" sign light up. The bus slowed to a stop and the driver opened the doors, still watching me as I hopped off.

I darted across the street, nearly missing a car and tripped on the curb, scraping my knee. I swore under my breath and pulled myself up, brushing off my pants and shoulders. The building seemed to be taller than I last remembered it, the bricks towering stories off the ground. I shook my head to break my awe and continued up the stone steps.

(Andy POV)

"Andrew Biersack you have a visitor."

I looked up at the loud speaker that stood over the yard. It repeated the message again, and my name. It was only what, 9 Am? Who visits at 9Am? I shouldn't complain, at least someone cares enough...

Ashley sat on the other side of the glass, the phone already pressed to the side of his head. I smiled at him and grabbed the receiver on my end. "Ashy!"

His face lit up. Before he seemed a little upset looking, but then he smiled at me. "Hey Andy."

"No school today or something?" I pressed my hand to the glass again, even though there was about 4 inches till the other side I could still feel the warmth of his hand placing over mine.

"I skipped." he admitted. "Aunties gonna kill me, but I missed you."

I smiled, squirming on the chair slightly. "I missed you too. I miss everybody. I don't know anyone here except for Collin."

"Whose that?"

"My cellmate. Hes innocent but still got stuck in this hell." I explained. "I literally mean hell. Look." I brushed my hair to the side and showed him my cheek which was cut due to a fight I got in with someone over accidently stepping on their foot. The guy was a phycopath with long nails.

"Holy shit man." he said as I flipped my hair back. I shrugged, not wanting to worry him all that much.

"Be careful, okay?" he said concernedly. "Please?"

I nodded, closing my fingers so only my pinky stood up. He did the same, pinky-swearing through the glass.


(Ashley's POV again)

As I was leaving the building I saw a cop tailing me as I walked along, my hands in my pockets and my head down. What the fuck did he want? I glared at him out the corner of my eye as the car rolled to a stop by the bus sign.

"Hey sweetheart." he said. "Where you going?"

Oh shit, school shouldn't be out for another 2 hours...fuck. I stepped back a few steps and avoided eye contact with the officer.

"Shouldn't you be in school?" he asked.

I was quiet again. Panic rising in my gut as he opened the door and slid out. Unlike the typical american cop he was huge, muscle-y and scary looking. On instinct I turned tail and bolted down the sidewalk as fast as I could.

"Stop! Hey!" he darted after me, running down the street. It was a pretty thin race, I was only a little slower than him and he caught up a few blocks later. I swore at my skinny legs as he grabbed me and cuffed my hands.

"Got a truant one here, skipped school." he said into a radio that was strapped ot his shoulder and dragged me back to his car.



I was dropped off at home. Auntie was already standing in the doorway, looking pissed off as ever. Her tattoo covered arms crossed and her tan face twisted into a scowl that will haunt me to my dying day. She grabbed me by the arm and pulled me in the door, shunting me into the livingroom to "talk".



"I-I'm sorry..."

"DON'T YOU SORRY ME MISTER!" Good god you could hear her voice from mexico "FROM NOW ON YOU ARE GROUNDED!"

"How long?!" Shit, now I'm in trouble.

"Until I say so, damn it." she said then pointed to the stairwell. "ROOM!"

Quietly I dragged my feet up to my room. Does that mean no more visitation? I wanted to go back be wit him longer. I slammed shut my door and flopped onto my bed, cries starting to spill out from me and depression rising in my chest.

"Fucking bitch"
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