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Chapter 18 - They Say That Love Is Forever

I laid on my bed, face down and sobbing my eyes out. It'd been about a month since Andy was convicted and put in prison. Every day since then I had come home feeling cold and empty and miserable. At least they had the hearts not to bully me...

Until today.

I kept my head down and my hands shoved in my pockets, my backpack bumping softly against my back. CC, who was becoming closer to me walked silently next to me. He was comforting but not anything like Andy.

"Do you need some water?" he asked as we walked by the fountain.

I shook my head, looking at it out of my side vision, only remembering the scene from a few months ago when Andy was shoved into it before turning around and socking the Jock who did it. My stomach twisted in sadness and I kept walking.

CC split ways with me at the back stairwell, leaving me to walk down by myself. Causally I wandered down the white winding steps, not expecting what would happen next.

"Hey Purdy!"

Oh god, not now. Anytime but now. The two assholes who usually hit me stepped out from the shadow of the stairs and smiled down at me, one cracking his thick knuckles. I backed up, my back hitting the wall eventually.

"Wheres your boyfriend? Not here to protect ya is he?" he jeered, grinning evilly at me.

"Don't talk about Andy like that." I whispered, shaking.

"Oooh Ashley-Pashley so mad and his liwdle cutter friend innt hewr!" he mimicked a sympathetic baby voice, making me angrier. The other one stepped forward and grabbed each of my arms, holding them behind my back while the other broke his knuckle bones again and swung at my gut. His fist collided with my chest, knocking the wind out of me. I gasped and tried to break away before getting slapped and punched again.

"L-" I gasped "Leave me alone!"

Another punch and they dropped me, letting me fall limply onto the thin strip of tile. I gasped and grabbed onto the railing so I wouldn't tumble down the stairs. I opened my eyes and saw them looking down at me, grinning evilly and giving eachother a high-five.

"You guys are assholes..." I gasped as they went up the steps.

Now I'm here, my chest hurting more and more with every sob. I vaguely remembered my Granddad's words "Quit crying Ashley. Crying is for the weak."

"I am weak." I murmured to myself. " weak...."

(Andy's POV)

I heard the cell door open, telling us it was time to wake up. The lights all switched on, blinding me for a few seconds. I kicked off the sheet I was given and sat up, my neck killing me.

"Time to get up, mother fucker." my cell mate said, dropping down from the top bunk.

"Coming, Collin." I grumbled, getting up.

Collin was a year or two younger than me, but he didn't look like it. He was muscular and his skin was almost red. He had short, blonde hair that stuck up from his head. He tossed me my day clothes and slid on his.

Collin was the closest thing to a friend I had in here. We had to respect eachother, seeing as we shared a cell and he was convicted here innocent, as of what he said.

"At least I only have a year and a half left in here." he said last night, shrugging and going back to lifting weights. Thats kind of the only thing you can do here, lift weights or walk around. There were also some other things but I really don't want ot get into them.

I walked with him down the hallway, he thumped down the stairs like a bat out of hell, pushing past everybody else and getting dirty looks from them. I shrugged, keeping up with the people in front of me.

"This shit again?" I grumbled, looking down at the slop I was served, my appetite disappearing. The man behind the serving line glared at me before dropping food onto the next guy's plate.

"I hate it here." I said, sitting down next to a couple guys I knew of. I didn't know their names but we talked to eachother. They were in on murder too.

"Who doesn't?" One replied, seeming ot choak down a mouth full. I pushed mine to the side, feeling sick.

"I heard Marty tried to escape..."

My attention turned away from them when my mind wandered. I've been doing that lately, thinking of people on the outside. Ashley, Mom, the jocks, mostly Ashley. How was he doing without me? Had he forgotten already? Did he keep his promise? He had to, Ashley Purdy always keeps promises. I know him well enough...

"Wait for me, please!" I begged, gripping the phone so hard in my sweaty hands it might just crack and break. "I love you...please..."

Did he miss me as much as I did?
LOL I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M WRITING I've watched Holes and some other prison movies but thats it...

The title really doesn't have much to do with the story, I was just listening to If I'm James Dean, Then You're Audrey Hepburn a lot
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