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Chapter 15 - He's Gone

The next few days were horrible for me. Andy hadn't come to school after he was shoved in the police car, I hadn't seen Mrs. Biersack anywhere and I had no one to really talk closely to other than CC, Jake, Jinxx and Sandra. They were cool, but they weren't Andy.

Did I mention I had gone into some kind of depression cocoon? After school I went right up stairs and locked myself in my bedroom and either slept or drew pictures. By wednesday I had filled half my journal with drawings and poems, Auntie was getting were the other four.

"Since Andy left you've become some kind of angry hermit crab that writes all day." CC said.

I was quiet and kept scribbling in notebook.

"Denying our help isn't going to do anything either." Sandra said.

"I'm not denying anything, I just don't accept it." I grumbled, erasing a stray line.

"Why can't you?" Jake demanded.

I slammed down my pencil, causing the tip to fly off and roll onto the table. I glared at Jake, his expression of frustration quickly turning to almost fear.

"How would you act--" I pointed to him "If you saw him" I pointed to CC "get dragged out of his house looking like hell and going crazy then get shoved into a police car? Would you be upset? YES!"


They all stared at me like I was crazy. I looked at all of their shocked expressions confused, didn't they know?

"What do you think happened to him?" I asked "He hasn't been here for a week."

"I thought he moved or something." CC said. "Not arrested..."

"What did he do?"

"It was on the news though!" I said "How could you..."

Suddenly Sandra clapped her hands over her mouth, causing all of us to glance over at her. "That was HIM?"

"Andy Biersack." I said. "He killed his stepdad."

More shocked expressions lit up their faces, Jinxx looked like he was going to faint.

"I didn't think Andy was capable of doing something like that..." he said.

"If you knew what that bastard was doing, then you'd want to do more then kill him." I growled.

The others glanced at eachother in that eye-contact message way that Andy and I do, which made me feel worse. I could feel the tears sting my eyes, one slipping past my eyelashes and onto my cheekbone.

I put my head down, hiding my face in my arms. A few seconds later Sandra leaned over and hugged me, followed by CC and Jinxx. Jake awkwardly patted my back comfortingly.

"Th-they just pushed me aside and shit a-and he was screaming..." I muttered.


A knock at my bedroom door woke me up from my nap, causing me to jump and fall half way off my bed before I grabbed the sheet to steady myself. Auntie opened the door a couple inches and poked her head through. "Someone's here for ya." She said.

"Who?" I grunted, pulling myself back on my bed.

"Get your shirt on and come downstairs." She said, tossing me one of my black shirts. It was warm, telling me she just got it out of the dryer. I pulled it on and followed her.

Mrs. Biersack was standing next to the door, a long black coat wrapped around her thin frame with the hood pulled up. Her bruised face lit up when she saw me and Auntie coming down the stairs.

"Ashley!" she said, giving me a hug. It reminded me of Andy, only shorter.

"Hi Mrs. Biersack." I said politely.

"How've you been?" she asked, trying her best to look happy and normal. "Your aunt says you've been sleeping a lot."

"Yeah..." I looked down at the ground. "I miss Andy."

"We all do." She said. "Would you like to go see him?"

My head snapped up and I looked at her disbelief. "Of course!"

"We were talkin' about that when you were sleeping." Auntie said. "'parently you're supposed to testify at his court hearing too."


Mrs. Biersack glared for a second before shaking her head and looking back at me. "You, me and our neighbor are supposed to say what we saw. I saw you standing behind the tape."

"I don't want to!" I protested. Are they crazy?! I don't want him to go to jail!

"Sweetheart" Auntie said "Your story could possibly help him get less time in."

"To prove killing that bastard was self-defense and not murder." Mrs. Biersack added.

"It WAS in self defense though!" I said. "I saw his bruises but he told me--"

"Ashley, please." Mrs. Biersack said. "He could have life if he's charged on murder."

I looked down at the ground again. I didn't want him to go to jail Period! I loved him too much...

"I know that boy enough to know he won't last that long in pris'n" Auntie said. "You have to, Ashes."

I sighed softly, looking back at Mrs. Biersack. "I'll testify."
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