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Chapter 14 - Sirens

Loud screeching noises woke me from my nap, making me fall out of my bed. Nice.

When Andy left, looking like a puppy on his way to the vet to be put down I had sunk into my room and laid down on my bed, trying not to think of what would happen to him when he got home. Andy didn't deserve any of the things he got from that evil man, if I could stop it I would. But for now, I couldn't. He'd get taken away. My eyes evantually drooped lower and lower untill I fell asleep.

I pulled myself off the ground and looked out my window. 1, 2, 3 cop cars and an ambulance rushed down the small urban street and came to a halt just a few houses away. One more cop car parked right outside my house, blocking off the road. The others pulled into a house driveway...

Andy's driveway.

My heart literally stopped, as did my breathing. Andy!

I pulled on my shirt and shoes then rushed down the stairs, pulling the door open and not bothering to close it. I rushed to the cop car, my feet moving faster then I told them to as they carried me down the lawn.

"What happened?" I asked, leaning in the window.

The police officer pointed a long finger down the road. "Theres a murder investigation down the road. Some kid and his mom..."

I didn't catch the rest. I was already sprinting down the street to Andy's house, skipping over the dents in the sidewalk and running into the road, stumbling to a stop in front of the house. Loud, high pitched wails could be heard from inside, almost inhuman. It sounded like a madman. The ambulance personnel wheeled a stretcher out of the car and carried it inside. Another officer followed after them.

I literally felt all color drain from my face, the screaming got louder as the officers were hauling out the person of who it came from, but before that the ambulance people wheeled out the stretcher. The covered body on it was too big to be Andy or his mom...

I was relived untill I heard the scream get louder and echo like fireworks throughout the block. Three officers hauled out the shirtless Andy, one holding his hands behind his back, no doubt he was in handcuffs and the two others had their arms hooked under his shoulders. He kicked his legs up and out, trying to knock them off but they held on. He kept jerking every which way and screaming at the top of his lungs, his bruised face going red. Behind them his mom followed, her head down and her arms crossed. She was beat up too.

I stared in horror as they shoved him into the police car, locking the doors and just leaving him there. He knocked his head against the window and kept screaming. I ran over to the car and knocked on the window.

"Andy! Andy its me!" I yelled, pressing my hands to the glass. He didn't seem to hear m and began kicking the bars that seperated the back of the car from the front, his bruised eyes wide with a hint of yellow in them. He was in shock.

"Sir step away from the car, please." A lady officer came over to me. I whipped around, glaring right at her.

"He's in shock, he needs medical help right now!" I cried.

"We'll deal with that. Please step away." she was almost robot-like with the nosy, commanding voice.

I gave up and backed away, still watching the car shake and Andy went ballistic. The woman and another officer climbed back into the car and just as they came they...left. Another car stayed there though, investigating.

"Andy what the fuck did you do?" I whispered.
Andy's in shock.
HorrorKitten337 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Can't wait for the next chapter. So much suspense!
LillyIsUndead Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012
O_O oh Andy
DeathOfFallenOnes Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
oh shit oh shit oh shit....meanwhile, in Florida
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