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Chapter 13 - Get Away

I looked over at the door to see mom standing there, a shotgun perched on her thin shoulder, the barrel aimed directly at Pete's balding head. He pulled out of me and yanked up his pants, raising his hands in the air in surrender. "Sweetheart you don't have to..."

"Shut up!" she yelled.


"Don't 'baby' me you sick bastard!" she screeched.

Pete stepped back farther, almost to the wall. The plastic beer bottle clattered under his fet, tripping him and making him fall. She bent slightly to aim at his forehead.

"Give me one reason why I shouldn't blow your brains out." she growled.

"I didn't do NUTHIN'!" he yelled.

"Bullshit!" she said "You were raping my son! He's bleeding Peter!"

Too weak and scared to move, the best I could do is roll onto my side and watch the action. My ass still stung from him, as well as my back.

"You beat us every day, Peter. You call that nothing? I'l fucking show you nothing!"

She raised her foot and kicked him in the head, a clacking sound and groan told me that she had hit him in the jaw, I looked down and saw blood coming from his mouth.

"Andy get your pants on." She said, still pointing the gun down at him.

I slipped the belt under my legs and to my front, using my teeth to unlatch the pin and free my hands. Blood and shit smeared my hands from the rip, I wiped it on the bed and pulled on my pants. not bothering to buckle them.

"Go get the phone, call 911." she commanded.

As I turned to run to the door she fell to the floor, getting pushed against hte wall by Pete. He grabbed a handful of her hair and tugged, ripping it off her scalp. She thrusted the gun forward and hit him in the side of the face with it, knocking him towards me. I raised my fist and knocked him in the side of the head, making it snap to the side. Mom raised the gun to get a good shot but he swatted it out of the way, making it clatter to the floor on the other side of the room. They wrestled eachother, Mom pushing him back while he put all his weight forward and elbowed her in the chest, making her scream in pain but she didn't stop fighting.

"Andy run!" she yelled. "Get help!"

I heard a crack and a scream as he punched her in the face, no doubtingly breaking her nose. I turned and ran, pushing open the door to my room and searching for some kind of weapon. I kicked open my closet and pulled out my old hockey stick. But it wasn't enough, he'd break it and get back up. I ran back down stairs and searched through the downstairs, nothing. I swung open the basement door and ran down there. There was bound to be something.

I turned on the light, finding a cabinet that I never knew existed down there. It had baseball bats and golf clubs, Pete used to play golf and play baseball with me when I was younger. The memories were vague in my mind, but I remember the metal bat.

I grabbed it and dropped the hockey stick, letting it clatter to the floor then hauled ass upstairs. A loud gunshot followed by a hole ripping in the wall and missing me by a foot surprised me, I fell against the wall but kept going, kicking open the bedroom door.

Pete had mom pinned down, pushing the gun against her neck. She resisted it, pushing it back against him but failing, her pants in vain. I raised the bat around my shoulder.


He swung his fat head around for a split second then in a flash his fist connected with my eyes, the other one my mouth. I felt my tooth slice into my lips. Pete let out a satisfied laughed before kicking me in the chest, then turning his attention back to mom. I got up and raised the bat above my head.

"Hey batter batter batter...." I murmured, taking aim at his skull. He raised his hand back to punch her in the face, but I swung the bat and hit him in the elbow. He yelled as his forearm cracked and bruised. He put his hand over it and turned back to me.

"Why you-"

"SWING!" I screamed and brought the metal bat across his face as hard as I could. With a sickening crunch and a ding of metal colliding with bone Pete fell to the ground. I had hit him across the temple and snapped his nose, he was dead before he hit the ground.

I panted heavily as I looked down at him. I dropped the bat, letting it clatter to the floor. Mom came over and put her arms around my shoulders, looking down at the motionless figure of my stepfather.

Mom picked up the phone and dialed 911, pausing for a second before saying "I'd like to report a death."

My head clouded as I went out of my mind.

Chapter 12 got deleted, theres a summary in this journal entry [link]
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