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Our Razorblade Symphony - Chapter One.

In a large middle school cafeteria many students chattered and laughed, being gleeful as any regular group of 12 and 13 year olds would be. On the far side of the room sat the sportsy boys, heavy built with red and white jock jackets, even through most of them were one the soccer team and their short hair was spiked up, giving a headgehog type look. Near them were the cheerleaders, which also mixed with the popular girl and girly-girl groups. They giggled and gossiped, occasionally gasping and play-hitting eachother, putting on more bubble gum pink lipstick every 10 minuets. There was the averages, who sat in the middle more part of the room. Some talked about TV, video games, their boyfriends or girlfriends. The nerds sat in a small table within the averages.
Then there was the "Freak corner"; for the "freaks."
Multi-colored hair, dark and/or black clothing, bandanas around their necks or sliced up gloves on their hands with rings in their lips. Often times they would shoot death glares at the Jocks and Popular kids, seeing as the rivalry of the Jocks and Freaks go back decades.
A small boy sat by himself at the freak table, his skinny frame was bent over the table, drawing in a notebook. He had on a black Marilyn Monroe t-shirt stained with blood, black skinnies and gloves that went to his elbows. His sleek black hair combed over one eye, flipping down to the side.
Thats me. Ashley fucking Purdy. I'm a boy, if you get confused. I'm often mistaken for a girl. Not only with the name "Ashley" but because I wear girlish stuff like makeup and Hello Kitty. Screw them, I can be girlish if I want to.
I was scribbling a circle over and over again out of pure anger. I got shoved into a locker again and was stuck there for a damn hour, causing me to be "truant" from class. My Dad is gonna kill me, I know it. I spent damn near all of that hour pounding on the metal door for someone to get me out too.
Even if I was in the "Freak" group, labeled an emo since "I'm too little do be a goth" people still hated me, even the other kids who were considered emo. I pushed down harder on the BIC pen, almost tearing a circle in the paper. I tore out the pice of paper and threw it at my lunch tray that lay infront of me untouched. I didn't want to eat it since first of all, the school food is disgusting, am I right? Second, whenever I ate I felt gross and fat, even though I wasn't fat. When I did eat I couldn't swallow; it just felt too disgusting and slimey in my mouth like I was eating mud. I stared at the white crumpled ball of paper slowly sink into the chili they had given me. A couple of the goths stared at me for a moment like I was crazy. I stared back at them, making them awkwardly turn back to their buddies.
A few minuets later the teachers dismissed us to class. I left my tray on the table and sprinted to class, weaving between the taller kids to try to avoid the jocks who I knew were after me. Why were they after me? I'm a freak, and I'm small. They love picking on small emo kids with eating disorders and slashed arms. I took an old shortcut I had found in 6th grade and prayed that nobody else had taken that way, deserted as it was.
I made it half way up before a strong hand grabbed my hair, jerking me down the stairs. I tumbled slightly, landing on my back and hitting my head.
"Daw he fewl!" one laughed, hooking his foot under my arched back and rolling me over. I tried to get up but another kicked me into the wall, making my forehead hit it this time.  I felt the seating pain explode in my temples, I reached up and held my head letting out a little groan.
"Did that hurt the little emo faggy?" said one of them, a blonde cheerleader with a miniskirt and a shirt that barely covered anything.
I said nothing, still holding my head and grunting in pain.
"She asked you a question!" said another girl, kicking me in the knee with her high heels.
"Y-yes it hurt." I muttered.
"Good." she said, blowing a bubble. "Now what are you?"
Oh god, I hated this question. This certain group of bullies made up a name for me which they make me say every time they get me. I shook my head, not wanting to say it.
"Whats your name!" she yelled.
"My name is..." I muttered, not wanting to say the last part.
"Louder!" she said.
"I don't want to!" I whimpered, covering my face.
She stamped her foot down hard between my legs. I screeched in pain, rolling over to my side and curling into a ball.
"What is your name?!" she demanded again.
"L-Little Twink!" I grunted, bearing my teeth in pain.
The group broke into laughter, throwing back their heads and their mouthes wide open, pointing at me with shaking fingers. I squeezed my eyes shut, wanting to just get the hell out of here.
I heard the door down stairs clack open then slam shut. Quick footsteps began to patter up the stairs, the shuffle of a bag bumping at someones side echoed through the hallway.
The bullies quit laughing. One looked over the railing to see who was coming up. He turned back to the group and dropped his voice to a whisper.
"Its another freak, he looks pretty small." he hissed.
I could feel their egarness in the air as they stood by the wall waiting for their newest victim like a lion waiting for a gazelle to run by.
The footsteps got louder, I opened my eyes just in time to see the figure of a very tall person come up the stairs, stopping at the top and looking around.
"Hey freak, haven't seen you before." said one of the boys.
The new kid looked confused, his eyes slowly turned down to me. He let out a gasp then turned back to them. I could see he had very long blonde hair.
"Why are you guys just standing there? Help him!" he said.
"Kid no! go..get away from them." I grunted, waving my free arm.
For some reason the jocks didn't move, they just stared at him. Almost scared looking. I saw them turn heel and run up the stairs, away from the tall boy. Their footsteps echoed and then stopped as a door opened and slammed shut.
He leaned down over me, bushing hair out of my face and hooking his arms under my shoulders and knees, picking me up easily. He was stalk skinny like me and very tall indeed, his long blonde bushy hair was flipped to the side and a silver ring shined on his ruby red lips. He had the face of an angel.
"Can you hear me?" he asked, shaking me a little.
"Y-yes." I murmured.
"Can you walk?"
I nodded again. He dropped my legs, making my feet slap painfully into the ground. He helped me stand.
"What happened?"
"Those guys--" I pointed up the stairs. "They beat me up every other day."
His eyebrows lowered, making him look pissed off. Which he probably was, I couldn't tell.
"Because you're different?"
I nodded. "I look like a girl, have a girl name, I'm considered an emo..."
"...but you're a boy." he finished my sentence for me.
"Yeah." I carefully climbed the first step, the pain in my balls slowly going away.
We climbed the stairs together, he kept his arm under my shoulders the whole 2 flights, slowly helping me up each step. I looked over at him for a second, only to see his pale blue eyes staring back at me. I nervously looked back ahead, feeling my cheeks go red.
He was adorable, not just adorable but handsome. What the fuck Ashley?! Thats a guy! I stole a glance back at him, his small eyes were looking back at the staircase.
We reached the top and he leaned me against the wall. I stood up on my own, swaying slightly. I felt dizzy...
"You don't look too well..." he said, his voice echoing in my head. "Are you okay?"
My vision went all weird, I swayed, only seeing Andy's head slowly going back and forth. He snapped his fingers in front of my face. "Hey! Are you okay?"
The next second the ground decided to give me a shoulder bump, everything went black.
Yay new AndLey series!

Okay, I know theres a story with a simmilar name, I changed the name to "OUR Razorblade Symphony" so nobody goes ape shit, okay? I'm not copying anyone, hell i haven't even read that series. If you get offended I'm sorry I'm not changing the title because someone gets mad.
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