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May 28, 2012
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"Hey Ashley..."
Andy walked onto the bus, a retangular piece of carboard clutched in his hands wrapped in plastic wrap. He was staring down at it, his eyebrows crooked down staring at the brown board in wonder.
"Whats up?" Ashley called from the sofa. He was playing video games with CC.
"I got this at the st-"
"IS THAT WHAT I THINK IT IS?!" Jinxx came thumping across the bus, jumping over Ashley and CC's legs he grabbed the piece of cardboard from Andy and examined it closely.
"Oh my god you didn't." Jinxx handed it back to Andy, backing away.
"What?" CC asked. Everyone was looking at Andy.
He mumbled something, hiding it behind his back.
"What is it?" Jake got up and started towards Andy.
"Itsajeeboard!" he said, backing up.
"What?" CC repeated.
"I'm so confused..." Ashley said.
"Ouija board!" Jinxx yelled as Andy held it out of anyone's reach.
The room was quiet. Everyone glanced at eachother.
"I thought it'd be fun but NO everyone flips their shit." Andy said, sitting it down on the table.
"I think it could be worth a try." Jake said.
"Yeah..." CC agreed.
"NO!" Jinxx cried "Ouija boards are not something to fuck around with!"
"He would know." Ashley agreed.
"Oh just because there was some ghosts in your house doesn't mean someone's gonna get killed." CC laughed "Don't be a pussy."
Jinxx clenched his fists. "Try saying that when you can't control your own body."
"I doubt theres even a chance of us getting something." Ashley put in "We baught this bus new."
"Yeah. Don't get all ghost hunter over nothing Jinxx." Jake smiled.
Jinxx scoffed. "Whatever you say."
"W-well are we gonna do it or not?" Andy said, crossing his arms.
"thatswhatshesaid AHEM." CC said into his arm. Ashley smacked him upside the head.
"Go ahead." Jinxx said. "I'm staying away."
Ashley turned off the TV and Jake hit the lights. Andy unwrapped the board and set it on the floor.
"Make a circle with all the people you're with;'" Andy read off the directions.
"I'm staying back here." Jinxx said.
The rest of the guys gathered around the board, sitting crosslegged. Jinxx sat on his knees slightly behind Jake.
"'First ask if there is a spirit in your presence. The triangle glass that comes with the board should slowly creep toward yes or no on its own. The person asking must be hi=olding the triangle glass as well. If you fake it, the spirit may become upset and attack, this will result in posession, injury or death.'" Andy looked at all of them. "Ready?"
Everyone nodded.
Andy took a deep breath. "Is there a spirit in this room with us?"
There was a silence as everyone held their breath. Andy's hands were slowly dragged toward the word "YES" in the corner. Ashley squeeled softly.
"That was fucking..." CC began.
"Shhh!" Jake hissed.
Andy looked around the room again. "Can you tell me how old you are?"
The white triangle slowly slid down the the number line, stopping at 1 then dragging along to 9.
"You're 19, correct?" he murmured.
The triangle dragged itself to yes again.
"Are you a man?" Andy asked, looking around again, uneasily.
The triangle inched towards the word "NO."
"Sweet theres a chick ghost!" CC giggled.
"Shut. The. FUCK. Up." Jinxx growled at him.
"Sorry..." CC put his head in his knees.
Andy sighed softly. "I wonder how she died..."
"Just ask another question." Ashley whispered.
Andy thought for a moment. "What's your name?"
The triangle lowered to the letters again. Spelling out the word SAM.
"Nice to meet you, Sam." Andy said, trying to hide his fear.
"Ask her if shes good or evil." Jake said.
Jinxx gave a sniff from behind, everybody turned to look at him. A single tear rolled down his cheek.
"Oh shit Jinxx is crying..." CC said.
"Dude its okay" Jake put his arm around him. "We're here."
"Thats not enough...I know how this ends." he sobbed, rubbing his eyes.
"What?" Ashley looked confused.
"Are you an evil spirit?" Andy asked softly, his eyes shut.
The triangle moved slowly...slowly...
It landed on yes.
Jinxx jumped back, slamming against the wall and panting loudly. "Get that fucking thing away from me!" he cried, pushing himself against the wall in efforts to back up more.
The others inched away uneasily. Jake followed Jinxx to the wall, looking just as scared.
"You guys are such pussies! I can't believe you're falling for it." Ashley laughed.
"Falling for what?" Jake asked. "Andy wouldn't trick us, right Andy?"
Andy's eyes were closed. He sat stone still, not even breathing. He seemed to have gone paler in the darkness, his lips turning purple. CC began to back away, Ashley leaned over and shook his solder "Andy?"
"Andy quit it you're freaking me out!" CC yelped.
"Andy?" Jake called from across the bus.
"He can't hear you..." Jinxx said "I knew this would happen I knew it!"
Andy opened his eyes and sat up stright. His usal blue irises had turned a glowing red. He opened his mouth and let out a piercing screech that echoed through the bus like firecrackers.
Ashley screamed, scrambling back towards the other three. Andy was at his feet now, his hands spread out at either side of his body, curved like claws.
"HELP!" Jinxx screamed, staring at Andy.
"DO SOMETHING JINXX! YOU'VE DEALT WITH THIS BEFORE!" CC yelled over Andy's piercing screeches.
Jake picked up a plate and hurled it at the Andy-demon, hitting it right in the forehead. He stumbled back, holding his head in his hands, groaning softly.
"JAKE YOU FUCKING RETARD!" Jinxx bitch slapped him "NOW HE'S GONNA-"
Too late. Andy was stumbling toward them, his head still clutched in his right hand.
"WHO DID IT?!" he screamed, his voice low and raspy, demon-like. "WHICH OF YOU MOTHERFUCKERS DID IT?!"
The 4 other men stared wide eyed at the singer, Jinxx had buried his head into Ashley's solder, CC was crying, Jake and Ashley had fearful, horrified expressions.
"WHO?!" Andy-demon demanded.
"M-m-me..." Jake whimpered.
Andy's hand swooped down and grabbed Jake by the neck, pulling his up into the air with super-human strength.
"Jake!" they all yelled.
Andy's hand squeezed Jake's throat like a beanbag. Jake's legs kicked the air, his hands trying to pry the demon's hands loose.
"Mercy..." he rasped.
Jinxx was suddenly on his feet, he ran to the bunks and apeared with what seemed to be a cross. He knocked it against Andy's face, making him stumble to the side. He let out a wail and dropped Jake, falling to the ground himself.
Jake gulped in breaths of air, holding his neck softly. Andy lay motionless on the floor, still as a rock.
"Is he..." Ashley began.
"No." Jinxx said, watching his pulse return. "Turn on the lights."
Ashley flipped the switch. Orange light filled the room, spilling onto the Fallen Angels.
CC got to his feet shakily, helping the other two up as well. Jake leaned against the wall, his back rising and falling rapidly. Ashley leaned over his best friend, watching him start to breathe again.
Andy let out a groan, he rolled over and opened his eyes. They were blue again.
"You got possessed and tried to kill Jake." Jinxx said, dropping the wooden cross. "I smacked you with a cross."
"Thats gonna piss off some atheists." Andy murmured, sitting up slowly. He looked at the gasping Jake and sobbing CC, pale Ashley and serious Jinxx.
"W-was it that bad?" he asked, seeing all their expressions.
"" Jake said, coughing after the last word.
"Don't mess with Ouija Boards." Jinxx said. "I told you, you didn't listen."
The brides all looked at eachother. Ashley helped Andy to his feet.
"Dude you're bleeding!" CC said, pointing at the large blood stain on the carpet.
Andy turned around and took off his shirt. Sure enough, there was a large cut across his back.
"Lets get that bandaged..." Jinxx suggested.
"Hold on." Andy picked up his matchbook and some lighter fluid then grabbed the upside down Ouiji Board and walked off the bus, beckoning the others to follow.
Andy threw the board on the ground. He poured the lighter fluid all over the brown rectangle and lit a match, dropping the match on the board.
They all watched as the board went up in flames. In the distance, you could hear a girl's scream.
This, kiddies, is why you should stay the fuck away from those things.
Sleep tight~

edit May 29
HOLY SHAIT! 18 favorites in one day! I had no idea it was this good...thanks so much you guys!!
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CynysterLove Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Even if I hadn't read this, the LAST paranormal thing I'm ever doing is going near, much less touching, a Ouija board. I'm not one that would normally be considered or pegged as superstitious, but those things lead to nothing but trouble. Ghosts are one thing, but demons are another, and I have a higher respect for the paranormal and magickal realms than I'd guess most do.

By the way--burning a Ouija board is an extremely bad idea. Best bet is to go bury it on hallowed ground, like that surrounding a church.
XxTabbixX Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh man. I know right? I keep hearing these poor souls around saying "I have an Oiuja board omg im totes gunna use it lol" and it's just....very, very disappointing.

This story was written when I was but a wee little emo who didn't know much, so I figured I was "doing a good lol" by writing this story.

I regret a good majority of the stuff I have posted on this website.
CynysterLove Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Life is no fun if you're good all the time & have regrets. Sure, you may not be proud of most of your stuff, but why regret it? It does the skill you've gained & progress you've made as a writer, as well as the knowledge you've stumbled across along the way. And wow...that was really bright, coming from someone often called a pessimist... LOL!e
AshxlovsxBVBandBOTDF Featured By Owner May 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
omg you fucking scared me with this thing i mean ive always wanted one just for the look not to acctually use it or any thing cuz these things actually happen and shit so if I EVER really use one im keeping holy water a crusafix ligther fluid and a match with me just in case and im gonna be jinxx and stay on the edges of the group C: cuz you never know what the demon can do to you sooo yeahuupp also have you seen jinxx's ouiji board guitar its fucking badass XD
KyaraTheKiller Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014
Is it bad that I kinda want one now O_O
XxTabbixX Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Student General Artist
deathnotefan4 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
the-awesomest-one Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Great story.... But you freaking cursed them! Don't.... Burn.... The ouiji....... Bad stuff happens.... Bad bad stuff....... AND DO T ANY ONE OF YOU PEOPLES EVER USE ONE EITHER! Ouiji boards are more over for summoning demons, not ghosts. If you want ghosts, get a two mediums, a psychic and go through 8 days of sacred cleansing then perform a seánce. Works much better without demons.....
ScreamInside Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
I'm a little freaked by ouija boards but I always thought it'd be cool... But... you can forget it now...
PaintedRain911 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
now I wanna try the ouiji where do I bye it?
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