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A loud pounding at the door woke me up before my alarm did. I turned over and closed my eyes again, trying to ignore it. It was probably some hobo looking for some money...
It came again, louder and faster. I sat up. "Dad! Someones at the door!"
"YOu get it!" he called.
I groaned. Why did I have to have thr room closest to the door? I pulled on my pants and went down stairs, opening the door.
"Look dude we don-"
"Hi Jake!"
Oh god, it was CC.
"CC?!" I blinked my tierd eyes at him. He was in full clothing with his backpack hanging down at his side, grinning at me.
"Ready for school?" he asked.
"School doesn't start for another three hours, I'm not soupposed to wake up for another half hour."
"Oh. I've been up for five hours." He jumped 360 "In my book that means the whole night! Whoo!"
"No wonder you're hyper as shit. You don't sleep."
"Oh I sleep. I'm nocturnal so I'm awake during the night. I'm probably going to fall asleep in school or on the bus...."
"Who is it?" Dad called.
"Its CC" I yelled.
"At this unholy hour? Better be pretty damn important!"
"He sounds mad." CC commented. "Its only 5:45 I dunno why he's so worked up!"
"Do you hear yourself? Its 5:45 in the morning. Most people are asleep."
He stared at me blankly. I sighed and stepped aside "Come in."
He trotted inside, looking around the room.
"Its all dark. Don't you guys have lights?"
"We have lamps. The overhead light broke when Savannah threw her shoe at it in a rage." We both looked up at the broken light with a high heel dent in it.
"I might as well go get ready..." I looked at him, all awake and hyper while I was half zombie.
"Can I see your room?" He asked jumpily.
"Uh...not much in there..." I bit my lip.
"So? Rooms are cool. If its anything like mine its awesome."
"What does your room look like?"
"A bed. A stack of cloths and a couple boxes plus a lamp." he grinned again.
"I'm more organized in mine. C'mon." I started up the stairs, CC followed close behind me.
My room was tiny. You could reach up and put your whole hand on the celing and still have to bend your elbow. It ramped down toward the wall to about 3 feet tall.
My bed lay by the taller wall, taking up the whole side of that room. My dresser sat by the old-fashioned sliding window that I sometimes climbed out of to look at the stars. Above my bed hung some band posters and model posters....mostly models.
I looked at CC. "Here it is."
His brown eyes darted all around the room, he looked almost amazed at my tiny living space. "You lucky bastard..."
"Its not a lot man." I flicked a cobweb with my pinkie. "Savannah's is bigger."
"And I'm not setting foot in there." CC giggled.
"It smells too much like shitty perfume and--"
CC suddenly gasped, running over to the short side of the room and looking in the little glass cage where I kept my pet spider.
"Oh my god you have a pet spider!" he squeeled, kneling down and staring at it.
Jeff wandered over slowly to look at CC. He raised one of his legs and tapped the glass where CC had his nose pressed.
"I love it." he said, tapping back.
"Thats Jeff. I got him from the graveyard. I trained him though, he won't bite."
"I don't want to hold him though." He turned around, pulling himself up "You gonna put a shirt on or what?"
I realized I only had my pajama pants on. Blushing slightly I dug in my bearu for a shirt.
CC laughed. "Its okay. You havn't seen my mom shirtless, its creepy."
His mom wasn't fat, but she was really skinny. So I took his word for it.
"I need to take a shower" I grabbed my cloths and went into the bathroom.
It was almost weird, having another kid over at my house. In my room. And actually like what my room looks like. Savannah had brought her friends over and showed them how small my room was compared to hers, one of my ex-friends said he didn't like my room because it made him claustrophobic, but I liked it. It was Jake-sized. Plus CC seemed to like it.
I turned on the boiling hot water and quickly scrubbed my hair and arm pits, chest, ass, dick, and I was done. I switched off the water and looked around for a towel.
"Fucking hell..." I remembered I had left it in my room.
I was too wet to put on my clothes and I didn't have time to air-dry. I sighed, cupping my hand over my front I opened the door, leaning out slightly.
"Hey CC?"
"Yeah?" he said, poking his head out from my room.
"Theres a red towel by my bed...can you bring it here?"
There was a couple seconds of silence as he looked for it. "I don't see it."
"Kindof by my pillow I saw it there last night."
I groaned. "Okay...cover your eyes."
"Why do you think? I'm getting it."
"My eyes are covered."
I walked quickly into my room, crouching to get my towel. It wasn't where I left it...
"Fuck." I muttered, looking under my bed.
I felt around but no towel. I grumbled and threw my pillow across the room.
"What was that?" CC asked, his voice squeeked at the last word.
"I threw something. Keep your eyes covered!"
I finally found it somehow tossed behind my dresser. I wrapped it around my middle.
"Its safe." I said, walking back to the bathroom.
CC uncovered his eyes, his face was a little red.
"I swear if you peeked..." I began.
"I didn't. Ew! Why would I do that?" he cleared his throat. "I'm not gay."
"Yeah. Me neither..." I shut the door and began to dry my hair.
10 minuets later I came out, fully dressed. CC had fallen asleep on my bed.
"Awe..." I whispered, not wanting to bother him.
"JAKE WHERES MY STRAIGHTENING IRON?!" Savanna screeched from the other room, Jerking CC awake and making me snap my head to the side.
CC laughed loudly.
"VERY FUNNY." Savannah came tromping in with her bra and shorts on "Wher- AHH!" her arms went to her chest, covering her bra. CC covered his face, falling off my bed.
"When the hell did he get here?!" She demanded, hiding behind the door.
"A few minuets ago." I crossed my arms "get a shirt on, whore."
"I WOULD'VE had one on if SOMEBODY hadn't made me look for my iron." she put one hand on her hip.
"Should I leave?" CC mumbled from the floor.
"I thought we were walking together" I said.
"Gay!" Savannah said, backing into her room.
I growled, glaring at the space she once was at. CC flipped up to his feet, hiking up his pants.
"That was...disturbing...and I thought the outfit she wore yesterday was over-revealing." he mumbled.
"Most boys would go KILL to see Savannah Pitts half naked." I said "You'll understand once you're at school more."
"Not my type." he shrugged.
I picked up my backpack, slinging it around my sholders and raced down the stairs. CC ducked under my arm and got to the bottom first.
I beat him outside, jumping the porch stepps and barrel rolling to my feet. "Ninja!" I yelled, posing like one.
"You're crazy" CC laughed.
"You're one to talk."
CC smirked at me, walking fashionably down the stepps with his hands in his pockets.
I started walking, copying his pose as I strutted down the sidewalk. CC laughed and caught up with me.
"Slow DOWN you're walking so FAST!" He said sarcastically.
"Jake the awkward strikes again!" I said, grinning at him.
"Heh." CC slugged me in the arm.
We walked the rest of the way in silence, yes. CC was able to be silent for more then 10 seconds.
Immeditly when we stepped foot on school grounds a group of jocks hollered something at me. I clenched my fist, trying to ignore them.
"School bullies, check." CC said, flicking his hand in the air.
"They're jocks, so basically yeah." I shrugged my backpack further up my solders "they make fun of the dark kids like me...I wonder where the rest of us are..."
CC looked around, all the other kids outside were dressed in bright colors or else only a few dark items. I felt a hand grab my bag "Hey Pitts-a hut!"
"Leave him alone okay?! He didn't do anything to you!" CC growled, turning around with me.
Andy looked bewildered. "What? I didn't do anything..."
"CC, this is Andy. He's one of my friends. Andy, meet CC. He just moved in across from me."
CC shook his hand over enthusiastically. Andy pulled his arm away, holding his sholder. " meet you...that hurt."
"Sorry. Hey has anyone ever told you you're really tall?" CC asked, looking up at him.
"We don't call him Gazelle Legs for nothing!" Jinxx came up to us.
"Who are you?" CC asked.
"I'm Jinxx, what about you?"
CC pouted. "Meanie."
"Damn we just need Ashley and the whole gang will be here..." Jinxx looked around.
"What does she look like?" CC asked innocently.
Andy glared at him. "HE Is beautiful...thats all."
"I think I see him by the basket ball court HEY ASH!" Jinxx began to wave his arms franticlly. Ashley turned his head to look at us, waved back and began to jog over.
"Faster slowpoke!" Andy yelled, beckoning with his arm.
Ashley finally caught up to us, panting slightly. "Hey." he said, adjusting his sunglasses.
Andy hugged him around his solders, kissing his head.
I looked at CC, judging by his blank stare I could tell he was wondering about them. "Are you guys...?"
"Yes." Ashley hugged Andy around the middle. "Who are you?"
"I'm CC. Jake's neighbor" he pointed at me.
"Has Savannah hit on you yet?" Jinxx giggled.
"Pft. Yeah. She decided to trot into Jake's room half naked while we were about to leave."
"OOOH YOU WERE IN JAKE'S ROOM!" Ashley whooped.
I felt my face get warm "He wanted to see it okay?!"
CC giggled nervously. "Yeah and-"
I smacked him in the side with my arm, he rolled his eyes.
"And what?" Andy asked, a smirk spreading across his face.
"He met Jeff. Jeff was fun." I cracked my knuckles, I always do that when I lie.
"Hm. Suuure." Jinxx elbowed Ashley and winked.
"We. Are. Friends. Right Jakey?" CC looked at me helplessly.
"Jakey!" Andy giggled "He called you Jakey!"
"Thats it I'm leaving." I turned to walk away.
"We're kidding we're kidding!" Jinxx said. CC grabbed my arm.
"You guys are assholes." I grumbled.
"We love you too Jakey." Ashley said.
"You're really quiet." Jinxx commented "Oh god, we don't have another Jake in the group do we?"
"He is the farthest thing from quiet to walk this earth." I said, scratching my chin.
"I'm just around new people..."
"You were pretty damn hyper when you met me!"
"Mom gave me an Energy Shot so I could help move shit."
"Makes sense..."
CC dug his hands into his pocket, he pulled out a slip of paper and opened it. "Shit! I need to go see the principal...." he muttered.
"Awe you're leaving?" I whined.
"I'll be back later." He turned and sprinted toward the school building, his backpack smacking against his thighs.
I watched him run untill he reached the school building, shaking the hair out of my eyes I turned back to the others.
"You like him don't you Jake?" Andy asked, grinning again.
I bit my lip. "Maybe."
Yay I finally finished iiit!
Maky. So they're schoolmates, they're all buddies, yada yada ohh Jake has possible crush all that Jazz.
And just for you Letters fans I added Jeff in there. Love yah!
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