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June 6, 2012
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I groaned, turning over and flicking on the light. Throwing my covers off I tromped to my bedroom door.
"WADDYA WANT?!" I screamed down the stairs.
"DINNER. C'MON DAD GOT PIZZA!" my sister yelled.
I let out a happy noise and pulled on my pants, I thumped down the stairs shirtless and swung into the kitchen where my dad and sister were standing. My dad had 2 Little Ceasers boxes in his left hand.
"Hey sleepyhead." Savannah said, ruffling my already messed up hair.
"Hey whore." I said, poking her bra strap that was visible hanging off her solder.
"Shut up." she pushed it back into place.
"Make me"
"Hey!" Dad warned.
"He started it!" Savannah whined.
"You're 14 Savannah, not 7." he said.
I stuck my tongue out at her.
"Dad! Jake stuck his tongue out at me!"
"You two keep fighting and I'll eat this pizza myself." he said, setting the boxes down on the counter.
I grinned, knowing I won the battle.
Dad handed each of us three slices. I raced to the livingroom and jumped onto my spot on the sofa and flicked on the TV.
Dad and Savannah joined me a minuet later just as I flicked the channel to Spongebob. Savannah sat by my feet and Dad ploped into his recliner.
"Hey did you hear theres people moving in across the street?" Savannah said, biting into her slice of Pizza.
"No kidding." Dad said.
"Yeah. Theres some kid around our age too. I like him."
"I bet hes one of those annoying jock guys whose banged every girl in the school by the first week." I laughed.
"As if!" she scoffed. "He's dark and has hair like you, plus from what I've seen he's a little crazy."
"Uh-huh." I nodded. "So how are you going to seduce another potential friend of mine? 'Hey I just met you and this is crazy but I like you and i don't care if you and my brother might be friends in the future'?"
"Potential friend? His personality is the complete opiset of yours. You're quiet and keep-to-yourself hes rowdy and crazy."
"Have you been stalking him?!"
"Does staring at him and his family move stuff out of a U-Haul truck for 2 hours count? Then yes."
I rolled my eyes, finishing my other piece of pizza.
"Why don't you guys go say hi?" Dad suggested, not looking up from his Kindle.
"YES!" Savannah was on her feet running to the door. I sighed and got up, jogging after her.
"COME OON JAKEYY!" she squeeled, pulling her high-heeled boots on.
"Calm your tits, Van I'm coming." I didn't bother to put on shoes since by the time I had picked my up Savannah was out the door.
We ran across the street together, walking around the U-haul truck and up the steps. The door was proped open with a Bud Light can but nobody seemed to be home.
Savannah rang the doorbell, looking inside hopefully. Nobody came.
"Well looks like nobody is home lets go." I grabbed her arm but she tugged away, turning back as a woman came to the door.
"Yes?" She said.
She wore a white tank top and black jeans. Tattoos were marked all down her arms and across her chest. She had her black hair pulled back into a ponytail and a she held a lamp in her left hand.
"Hi! Welcome to the neighborhood. My name is Savannah and this is my brother Jacob."
"Jake." I snarled.
"Whatever. We live across the street with our dad so if you ever want to say hi--"
"Hey ma! Whose at the door?" came a voice from the hallway behind her.
The woman turned around "Neighbors, C. They live across the street."
"Are they old? I don't like old people!" came the voice again.
"They're kids like you. C'mon!"
"Okay just lemmie put this down..." there was a crash and glass breaking. "Shit. Well stuff happens..." his voice got closer.
Savannah was right. He had long black hair almost exactly like mine, he wore eyeliner and had a mischievous grin plastered across his face. He looked Savannah and I up and down, studying our faces. "You guys are related?"
I was quiet. Savannah's face was redder then her hair "Yeah. He's my little brother." she ruffled my hair again.
"I'm younger then you by 18 months!" I objected, smacking her hand away.
"Whats with the boots girl? Are you a midget?"
His mom smacked him in the back of the head. "Christian!"
"Honest question!" he said, rubbing his head.
"I just like boots." She giggled. I face palmed.
"You'd look better if you dressed more like him, no offence." Christian said, pointing at me.
He looked at me, his eyes running over me again. "Why don't you talk? You look scared."
"He's shy. And Emo. You wouldn't like him." Savannah pushed my solder.
I looked down at my bare feet.
"Why are you so mean to him? I think hes cool." Christian said, leaning an elbow on the doorframe.
"I'll just go...plug this in." Christian's mom walked up the stairs.
"Because he's weird." She said.
"Whats wrong with weird people? Being weird is fun. You don't have to care about what people think you can be yourself, which," he looked her up again "You're obviously not doing."
"You're obviously trying too hard to get my attention. Not just mine, but all male attention. You dye your hair, I can count the layers of makeup you're wearing, nobody wears shorts that short at night and that push up bra isn't doing anything sweetheart."
I looked up to see her expression, as I thought it was somewhere between offended and amazed, making me laugh.
"And he smiles!" Christian pointed at me. I whiped the tears off my face.
"Well I don't even like you!" Savannah turned and ran home, her heels clacking on the sidewalk.
"Women." he said simply.
"Thats not even the half of it man. You should've seen her when she broke up with her last boyfriend. I almost drowned in her tears." I said.
"I'm CC bu the way."
"Jake." I held out my hand, he took it and shook it harshly, almost dislocating it.
"AH! YOU MADE YOUR POINT!" I jerked my arm away.
"Sorry. I get over exited when I meet people like me."  
"So I'm like you?"
"You seem like it." he pushed a long strand of hair out of his face.
"Where'd you come from?"
"Just a couple miles away. It sucks that I'll have to switch schools, but I'll be okay." he grinned again "We'll be schoolmates!"
"Fuck yeah!" I high fived him.
"How old are you anyway?" he asked.
"14, you?"
"I just turned 13."
"JAAAAAKE DAD WANTS YOU HOOOOME!!!" I heard Savannah scream.
"Great. Shes probably already went sobbing to dad about how rude you are and he doesn't want us around you..." I sighed. "Seeyah around CC."
"Yeah, seeyah."
I made way across the street to my house, kicking the door shut.
"Jake sit down." I heard dad gruff.
"Yeah?" I said, ploping onto the sofa.
"Its about that kid across the street." he said, looking at us.
I rung my fingers together, its what I did when I was nervous. "You mean CC?"
"Yes. Did you seem to like him?"
"Yeah...." I had no idea where this was going.
"Your sister doesn't." a smile broke across his face "Seems like you have a new friend."
I grinned, looking at the pouting Savannah sitting next to me.
"Yeah. Hes gonna go to school with us too." I said.
"Whopdie frickin' doo." Savannah said.
"Ha ha." I stuck my tounge out at her.
"Speaking of school, you guys have it tomorrow. So get to bed."
"But Daddy </1>" Savannah whined.
I didn't stick around to hear the conversation. I was up the stairs and in my room before anyone could blink.
I liked to sleep. I sleep alot. But tonight I couldn't fall asleep, I kept thinking of CC...
So this is my new Cake series with CC and Jake. I don't really know if Jake has a sister or not or if thats really what CC's mom looks like...but I tried.
I know this chapter is a bit boring forgive me on that. It'll get better I promise.
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