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January 4, 2013
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It was raining out and I had just gotten off of work. Water poured from the evening sky like a literal waterfall, soaking me head to toe. Luckily I kept my phone in a plastic bag in case something like this were to happen, but I looked past the idea that I might actually need an umbrella.

The city street was bustling with Taxi cars, smart cars, car cars, FedEx trucks, you name it. I held a trash bag over my head to somewhat shield me from the pouring rain, holding out my thumb for a taxi. I missed the bus since I worked overtime today, and its not like I have my own car or anything. Actually my friend had taken the car for a day so he could get girls or something. I quietly promised to myself I'd never loan CC me car again.

After staggering a couple blocks with my head down and water pouring down from the top of my head to my face, a car pulled up next to me. It wasn't a taxi, it was actually a pretty fancy looking black car with dimmed windows. The driver rolled down the window and peered at me. He was very tan, natural tan not spray painted. Long silky black hair fell from undr a black cowboy hat and a tuft of facial hair grew from his chin.

"Need a ride sweetheart?" he called.

I straightened up, shaking the water out of my hair then nodding yes. I heard the door click unlocked and climbed in the passenger seat, leaving the trash bag on the curb.

"Thanks." I murmured, wiping the running eyeliner from my face.

"Anytime." he smiled. "Where to, friend?"

I gave him directions to my apartment on the other side of town, he raised his eyebrows as I described the place.

"How come you're that far away without a ride?" he asked.

"My friend has my car and I missed the bus. Fucking work, you know?" he laughed airily. "Thanks for picking me up."

"Anytime." he repeated. "So whats your name?"

"Jeremy. I go by Jinxx though." I said. "You?"

"Ashley. I go by Ash or Ashes."


"Petty much." he kept his glowing brown eyes on the road. "You have a girlfriend Jinxx?"

I jumped a little at his question since it caught me off guard. "Not really, no."

"What do you mean by that?" he cocked his eyebrow.

"No." I replied.

"Figures." he said, the edge of his mouth curving upwards.

"Whats that supposed to mean?" I said in defense.

"Well I'm pretty sure your girlfriend--or boyfriend, if you swing that way. It is LA after all--would've picked you up."

"Well the person I thought would pick m up is probably getting his cock sucked by some 5 cent slut." I felt my cheeks burning. "And I can 'swing' either way, thank you."

He rolled to a stop at a red light and shifted an inch away from me. "God someone's on their period."

I chuckled. "Nah. I just get defensive about stuff like that."

Minuets later we finally made it to my apartment. Ashley, or Ash, or Ashes, whatever I should call him pulled into the parking lot of the suburban apartment complex. The doors unlocked by themselves as Ashley put the car into park. Just as I was getting out he touched my shoulder.

"Want me to walk you in? I have an umbrella in the back." he asked.

My turn to move my eyebrows to express emotion. An almost complete stranger wanted to walk me inside? He's been pretty trustworthy so far. It wouldn't hurt, I guess. "Sure."

He smiled and got out first, grabbing an umbrella from the back seat and popped it open. i scurried over to him to get under it, since the rain was starting to freeze and my hands were going numb.

"Eager are we?" he chuckled as I fumbled with the door key. I glared at him for a few seconds before finally getting the door open.

The apartment hallway was more like a hotel lobby, with some fancy looking brown leather chairs and vases placed in the room. An unoccupied desk sat near the wall where nobody really knows what its there for and one of the elevators had been out of order for months. Ashley shook his umbrella dry and closed it so it was no bigger than a bottle of soda and clipped it to his belt. I pushed the call button for the elevator, looking up at the floor number it was on.

"Fancy place." Ash said.

"Not exactly." I said as the elevator door opened. I held the door for him as we entered.

"Better than mine." he said, watching the numbers rise as we rose.


My apartment was just as dark as I left it early this morning. I flicked on the light so it wasn't pitch black, flooding the living room and dining room area with light. The walls were a deep red color, some plastic glow in the dark stars were tacked to the ceiling and stuck on the side of the TV. There were exactly 3 chairs and one long sofa, since I usually like to have friends over. Plus I got a pretty good deal with one of the chairs and the sofa. I dropped my keys on the small table next to the door and looked at Ashley, who was looking around the room.

"Nice." he said, nodding.

"So'd you like a tour or something or...?" my voice trailed off awkwardly. I've never really had anyone do this before.

"You could just show me the bedroom and thats all I'd need to see." he smirked, giving me a look that made my insides squirm and my face flush red.

"So thats why you wanted to walk me inside?" I said, smiling in spite of myself.

He grabbed me around the hips and pulled me close to him easily, since I was short for a guy. "You said you swing both ways, didn't you?"

I nodded. "Down the hall, last door."

With that he cupped his hands under my thighs and lifted me off the ground. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, our lips finding eachother and attacking aggressively as he carried me down the hallway to the bedroom.  


"Oh my god!"

I couldn't help but scream and gasp with every thrust he put into me, pumping my cock in time with his thrusts. He dug his nails into the bottom of my back as I bit and sucked on his neck and shoulder so I didn't worry the neighbors. I was usually the quiet one but holy hell he was so good. He leaned back, his chest soaked in a mixture of his sweat and mine, thrusting his hips back and forth pounding into me.

"A-Ash I think-" I gasped again "Oh god don't stop!"

His thrusts were uneven and he leaned back over me, smashing his lips into mine. I bit his lip until I tasted blood and exploded into his hand, arching my back and groaning loudly. Seconds later he slammed into me one last time, gritting his teeth as he filled my insides with the warm, sticky stuff. I pulled him down for one more heated kiss before he rolled off of me and collapsed to my right.

"Wow." I panted. "Y-you're..."

"Amazing I know." he breathed. "You were too."

I smiled and wiped some sweat off of my neck, looking sideways at him. Our eyes met for half a second before he sat up again.

"Are you leaving?" I asked, pulling the covers up to my chest.

He looked at me like I was insane. "Don't you want me to?"

"Not really, but if you want to." I said sadly. "It gets kind of lonely in here."

A smile spread across his lips as he laid back down. "I suppose I can stay a little while, Jinxx"

He pulled the covers back over him and I slid closer to him, burrowing my head in his chest. He chuckled and stroked my hair lightly as I fell back asleep.

So this is my NEW SERIES that ships Jinxx and Ashley. I haven't seen a series yet thats done! Hur. Its late and I'm tired but I STILL FUCKING LOVE THIS OMFG I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF

Comment before faving please.
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