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Keys - Andley one-shot

"I can drive, honest!"

Andy was being a bitch and not giving me my car keys. He held them above my head so no matter how high my drunken ass jumped I couldn't get them. He flicked his wrist, making the small metal plates jingle together.

"Ashley you'll kill someone if I let you drive, now shut up and get in." he said, giving me his protective boyfriend eyes. I groaned, putting my arms down and walking awkwardly to the other side of the car.

"Fuck you and your safety." I said, crossing my arms as I sat in the passenger. Andy put his arm around the head of my seat as he backed out of the parking space, driving perfectly out of the lot.

"I'm protective because I love you." he said, keeping his eyes on the road.

"You drank too!" I protested, messing with my hair.

"Not as much as you did." h said, grinning. I rolled my eyes again and put my feet up on the dashboard.

We pulled into the driveway a few minuets later. Andy pulled the keys out and tossed them at me. They landed between my legs. I smirked as I got an idea.

"Get them."

Andy raised an eyebrow at me questioningly.

"C'mon." I spread my legs even more, letting the overhead light shine off of them.

"Why can't you?" he said, clicking his seatbelt off and wrapping his hand around the door handle.

"Quit being stupid." I said, grabbing his hand and placing them on the seat between my thighs. Andy giggled softly and picked up the keys, holding them up to me. I took them and shoved them in my pocket and before he could move away I took his hand again and let it rest between my legs, leaning over to slide my free fingers down his jawline and kiss his lips. He hesitated slightly since I'm sure he was off guard then gave into me. I slid my hand down and circled my fingers between his legs, making the front of his jeans grow tighter. I smiled in satisfaction and broke off, kicking open my door.

Once we were out I went over to the other side, hugging him around the middle as we walked to the door. I kissed his shoulder as he paused to unlock the door, leaving little red marks on his pale skin.

"Calm down!" he laughed, pushing open the door. I pulled him through the doorway and kicked it shut. Andy pushed me against the wall and started kissing me again, crushing his lips against mine. I bit his bottom lip gently, licking the silver ring on the left of his lip and ran my fingers through his short hair. He pulled off with a soft pecking sound, pressing our foreheads together. I grinned at him, his face glowing perfectly in the darkness of the house. He smiled back and let me lead him upstairs.

I pushed him towards the bed, making him stumble slightly and fall on his back. I pushed apart his gazelle legs and bent down, crashing my lips to his again and lazily running my hands over his crotch. He moaned softly, unbuttoning his vest and pulling it off, helping me out of my shirt as well. When we had to break off I began pulling off everything he had, boots, jeans, everything untill he lay perfectly bare and vulnerable in front of me. I got the rest of my clothes off and climbed in beside him. He pulled me down on top of him, hooking his arms under my knees. I kissed him again, sliding my tongue between his teeth and moaning softly. Andy fingered me, his hands in just the right grasp to do so and stretching me open. I broke off his lips and kissed his neck again, making sure there was a dark red hickey left for tomorrow and a couple bite marks around it. He gasped softly, rolling his head to the side which enabled me to drag my tongue all the way up his the vein in his neck. Andy shivered, moaning sexually again and squirmed underneath me. I sat up and rolled my hips so my ass slid nicely against his "purdy parts".

Andy pushed me up so I hovered slightly above his pelvis, still twirling my hips in a circle seductively and giggling like a little girl. He reached up and poked his clean fingers in my mouth, tickling the roof of my mouth with his nail and pressing against my tongue. I bit his knuckle playfully when he took them out and slid them between my legs again, using the saliva as lube and fitting two of his fingers inside me. I moaned softly as he played around, curling and uncurling his fingers then playing around the opening, poking the ring of muscle. I shifted to my feet, crouching over him and playing with his dick. He guided it into my opening, slowly pushing me down carefully.

"Ride me, outlaw." he giggled and sucked in his breath. I smirked, feeling no pain at all I started to bounce up and down. Andy grunted again, taking me by the hips to help keep my balance. I held onto his hands, still clamped tightly around my waist and not letting go any time soon.

"Fuck!" I felt him hit my prostate full in, making plesure shoot through my body like electricity. "Fuck! Oooh god!" I moaned as he hit it dead on again and again. I started to breathe heavier than he was, digging my nails into his hand and going faster. When I looked down at him his mouth had taken and O shape and his eyes were rolled so high only the whites and a sliver of blue showed. I laughed in satisfaction as he groaned again, thrusting into me along with my movements. He was close.

"Don't stop! Don-" He pulled down my pelvis hard, orgasming inside of me until it leaked. He dropped his from my sides and wrapped his fingers around my cock, sliding his hand up and down quickly to get me off. I moaned like a whore, tipping my head back as he pumped up and down roughly. I clenched my teeth, feeling the pressure build up inside of me then explode out onto his abdomen. He laughed, helping me off of him and pushing me down beside him. I was still shaking of aftermath.

"I love you." I panted, holding his hand.

He pressed his lips against mine one final time. Both of us were about to fall asleep then he whispered "I love you too."
Alright I have no idea what I just wrote.

First I had a good idea, then I got tired and it went to hell. Oh well, hope you like it. Its my first one-shot I've done in god knows how long.
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Veles-Uchiha Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013  Professional General Artist
Holy fuck!! So hot!
Lila10460 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013
We-Are-The-Unholy Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013
So hot!!!!!
ScreeWolf Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012
^^ You're an amazing writer!
idontdolables Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012
I totally thought they were gonna die but whe it was like
"and a few minutes later we were I. The drive way" I was
XXdeath-slave01XX Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
XxTabbixX Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012  Student General Artist
HorrorKitten337 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
For some reason, I thought this was going to end in a car accident or something sad like that. That was a much more pleasant ending by far. :lol:
XxTabbixX Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012  Student General Artist
XD Thanks. I thought of changing the plot to that but I told people I would write smut somtine soon.
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