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June 2, 2012
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Andy's POV for now

All I was doing was driving. I wore a seatbelt, went the speed limit, the rode was perfectly empty.
I saw flashing red and blue lights. My eyes flicked to the rear view mirrior, seeing a cop motorcycle pull up behind me.
"The fuck?" I slowed down, pulling off into the gravel on the side of the rode.
The police officer swung his leg off the crotch rocket and began walking toward my car. He wore short shorts and a blue shirt--short sleeves--and black shiny stilettos. black 70's sunglasses covered his eyes and a fake mustache sat on his upper lip.
Oh my god, I knew this guy. I've seen stories about him...
He tapped on the window with a long, manicure'd nail. I rolled down the window, trying to look innocent. "Hello officer."
"You know why I pulled you over?" he said, leaning over and resting his elbows on the side of the door. He smelled like AXE.
"I think my tail light is out..." I looked in the rear view mirror again.
"Thats right, you bad man." h took off his sunglasses, showing heavily lines eyes. I chewed on my lip ring.
"I think." he pulled a pink slip of paper out of his pocket. "I'm going to have to charge you on that sir." he looked down at the paper then back at me "licence and registration?"
I leaned over, opening the glove compartment and looking for the papers. I shuffled them around, but it wasn't there.
"Fuuuck..." I muttered under my breath.
"Whats that?" he asked.
"I can't...I don't have it." I sat back up, looking at the officer's chest. A gold colored badge shined on his chest, boldly printed 'A. Purdy' on it.
"Step out of the car, boy." he said, crooking his finger. I unbuckled my seatbelt and poped open the door, he stepped back and let me get out. I saw a smile play at the side of his mouth when he saw how tall I was.
"Against the car." he ordered.
"W-what did I do?" I said, looking down at him.
"Don't make me punish you." He brought his bat up and held it with both hands. I leaned over the hood of my car, he grabbed my hands and putting them behind my back.
"Why am I in cuffs?" I asked, turning sideways.
"Punishment." he said sweetly, bending over me. I felt his fingers run through my hair, massaging my scalp. His black lips traced along my neck, breathing in my ear.
He leaned up, running his hands down my back as he rose.
I felt the bat tap my thigh. "On your back."
I slowly rolled onto my back, leaning on my hands. Officer Purdy leaned over me again, taking me by the collar. "You've been a bad boy Andy." he whispered seductively "You're gonna be my bitch now."
I let out a shaky giggle. He pressed his lips against mine, sliding his tongue between my lips. I whimpered softly, only making him slide deeper in. His hands played around my chest, tweeking my nipples when he found them.
He pulled away from me before returning to kissing me, only this time he kissed my neck.
"You're breathing so hard, boy." he whispered into my ear, his breath tickled my earlobe.
"I'm sorry..." I breathed.
He stood up straight again, tapping my knee. "On your knees."
I slid to the ground. His hands rubbed against my head again. He seemed to like my hair.
"Smile for me sweetie." he said. "You're being awfully good."
"Do you want me to be bad, officer?" I asked, looking up at him.
"Ask more questions and you'll be treated badly." he chuckled softly "I like bitches who are nice to me."
He slid the bat back into his belt. His thumb hooked the front of his shorts, he swayed his hips slowly as he pulled down the front, using his other hands to pull out his dick.
Taking a hint I lowered my mouth on the head of it. His fingers ran through my hair again, only he held on this time. He pulled my head forward, making me gag at the sudden movement.
"You're a virgin aren't you?" he giggled.
I coughed. "I-I've only had hetro..."
He pulled my head forward slightly this time. I closed my lips around him, sliding my tongue around his vein.
"Oh yes..." he murmured.
He pulled my head back and forth, getting me closer and closer to deepthroating. I felt my nose bump his pelvis and looked up. His heavily made-up eyes were closed, his head tipped back.
Suddenly he pulled out. A thin line of spit connected from my lip to his manhood. He broke it off with his finger, wiping it across my lips.
"Get up." he said, crooking his finger again. I shakily rose to my feet, not breaking eye contact.
He led me around to the other side of the car, pushing me against the door and kissed me again, giving a small, girlish moan as he did so.
He broke off and pulled up my shirt, his tongue tracing circles around my nipples. I moaned softly as he walked his fingers up my thighs, teasing my aroused area.
"You want more, haw?" he asked.
"Y-yes officer." I whimpered.
"Quit whimpering and answer." he said, biting my nipple.
"I said yes officer!" I said a little louder.
He giggled "Pleas what?"
"Fuck me!"
I whined like a little kid.
"Say I'm sexy and I'll make you happy." he smirked.
"You're the sexiest man thats ever lived." I said truthfully.
"Thats what I wanna hear."
He unbuttoned my jeans, sliding my manhood out the hole of my boxers.
"On the ground." he said.
He slapped me across the face. "No questions!"
"I'm sorry." I sunk to the ground.
His fingers traced my jawbone "Smile for me" he said.
My lips pulled themselves into a grin. He pecked m on the lips before pushing me onto my back.
"I suck you, you suck me. Got it?" he said, climbing on me upside-down.
"Yes sir." I said, opening my mouth again.
He slid into my mouth, pushing in all the way. I felt his warm lips wrap around my penis, moving up and down slowly.
His hips moved back and forth, slowly thrusting into my mouth. I tightened my lips as hard as I could, trying to make him moan. I didn't know if he liked it or not...
His mouth went faster on me, thrusting faster inside me. I moaned in my throat, tightning my mouth around him and sucking harder. He dug his nails into my thigh, grunting softly.
don't stop I begged silently, sucking him off harder.
He pulled out of my mouth and climbed off me, still blowing me though. His eyes connected with mine as I watched him position his head between my thighs.
"More..." I begged. He had slowed down...
"More?" he grinned at me.
"Yes! More more more!" I pleaded.
He got up, turning around he pulled down his shorts more, lowering himself carefully and taking me in his ass. His muscles tightened and he started to bounce, springing on his knees.
"Oh fuck!" I moaned, starting to gasp.
"You like it baby?" he grunted, pushing in my legs for soupport.
"Oh god yes!" I gasped, clenching my teeth and letting out a breathful grunt.
He gave a long moan after a few seconds, throwing back his head and moving faster. I could feel my gut start to tingle, he kept going, fucking me harder, faster...
"I'm gonna cum! Aaahhh!" my hips bucked involuntarily as I came inside of him. He put his hands on his hips and held the position, checking me over his solder.
"Oooh god..." I murmured, looking at him.
He bounced one last time and stood up stright, some of my cum dripping back onto me.
"You did good, bitch." he smiled, pulling me up and pushing me against my car to kiss me again.
"May I be let out of these?" I asked, shaking the cuffs.
He reached around and unlocked them, I stretched my arms and looked back at him.
He was holding a pink slip on his knee, writing on it with a black pen. H ripped it off and handed it to me.
"Now go home." he poked my nose and got back onto his crotch rocket, roaring starting back onto the highway.
I opened my door and got in, adjusting the mirror I looked down at he ticket.
"Andrew Biersack broken tail light charge $0.
I grinned and threw it into the back seat, gunned the engine and drove off from the spot.
crotch rocket is another term for motorcycle....
I'm tired -_-
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