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So I do have diabetus

My blood sugar was at 435

.....thats really bad

I could've died

BUt I didn't

So now I cant eat anything with sugar or carbs in it until monday

I'm having shitty withdrawls from caffine ugh


So now I'm drinking all the water. All of it.

Should I upload some art? I should upload some art.
Okay so I'm probably not going to be publishing for a long time

Also I basically hate 3/4 of the work I've done here because the idea is good, but my writing sucks.

Mostly because it's all a clusterfuck of one-drafted emo gay guys

Don't get me wrong, I love fics about emo gay guys, but just not MY fics about emo gay guys. Does that make sense?

I do art though so I'm not sure if that'll go anywhere.

Anyway friends...I want you to know that I appreciate all the love oyu guys have given me through the years...yeah, years. Holy shit I've been here for years...

I won't abandon this account. Don't you think for one second that I regret being there for y'all. I not very active, you know?

BUT! I AM very active on Tumblr. I have a ton of blogs...the ones I'm willing to share is bunnieswithflamingchainsaws and sexual-frank-iero 

also I have twitter sometimes where I complain about my problems and talk about supernatural here~


Also I might have the diabetes

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
I wanna try
I wanna live all night and burn out bright

Dark is often a word used to describe scary things. Horror, darkness. Scary, darkness. Sadness, darkness. Evil, darkness. The dark is the heart of all things you never want to think about, live thorough....but the darkness is what keeps Frank alive.

It's always dark when he arrives at the house. The slick black coat he wears covers his pale, tattooed arms, defines his shoulders and adds a sharp end to his shoulders then drops down his body to hang just above the ground, maybe 4 or so inches. If he were to crouch, it would drag on the ground. His hair hung in his face, when it as wet his bangs would stick to his large, hazel eyes and make his face look even more boyish and rounder than it already was. He was extremely pale in his face. Yes, most characters are pale and spooky looking, he knew that, he hated the cliche with a fucking passion. He was pale, spooky, tattooed and quiet, like something straight out of a Stephanie Meyers book. His life, it seemed, was a little bit like that...but we'll get to that later. The short man would rap the door three times with a hard fist then step back with his head bowed, otherwise hopeful eyes trained on the wet doorstep.

I want you to know
What I can't show the outside, it's why I hide

With a flash, we are taken to another scene. It is dark, again, the source of evil. But fir right now, nobody knows of the evil. The background faded from blue to the black shadows, like an unlit room on a full moon. Two silhouettes sat in the still space with the blue light casting down on their heads. A wet, black trench coat sat near by while a boy with long, red hair sat close to Frank. The both of them were clutching hands, not close enough for anything more than that. More than they could stand. He hated getting close to people, not because he didn't like anyone, but because he as scared. He couldn't stand the thought of hurting the red haired boy. Never.

But your friends say I'm no good for you
What do they know?

"They we're talking about you again today."

A simple small sentence broke the air, causing Frank's fingers to tighten a bit. Amber eyes slipping sideways to meet the other pair, casting another shadow over half his face. Oh boy, again, these people. It was aggravating the way Frank had to keep feeding more and more lies to say why he could only come around at night. Why he as so...weird...his lips parted to speak but no noise came out. He simply shrugged and dropped his eyes down to his partner's feet.

"I don't know how else to explain it to them..." he mumbled sadly. "I wish you could meet them. They probably wouldn't like you, but I don't care. You're not the way they think you are, I try to make you sound--"

"Gerard." Frank hushed "It's okay. Ignore what they say about me."

Gerard's hand tightened and he moved cautiously closer. Frank's nerves shot up like unfolding wings from his back. Taking a breath, he settled down and untensed. It was okay, he wasn't going to hurt his friend. He kept his fingers hooked in the gaps between Gerard's fingers, pressing thumbs together.

"Have you told them?" Frank asked lowly.

Gerard shook his head. Thank god.

"They say you're lying about working late, your age, everything. They say you're some kind of creep..."

Frank shook his head and went for it, pulling the red haired boy closer to his shadowy form, light now illuminating the to from the back. "Gerard," he whispered "Please don't listen to a goddamn thing they say"

If tonight's our night baby, just don't hurt me, don't hurt me
I'll give you my heart
If tonight's our night baby, just don't hate, don't hate me
For taking your light

As Gerard clutched Frank's shoulders, Frank trembled beneath him, trying to keep his eyes away from the blue lines that traced up Gerard's neck. Their lips parted, inches from each other. HIs mouth almost watered at the thought that he pushed to the back of his mind. Never. Never, he told himself. Let him keep his light.

I need a love
I want enough to keep my thirst satisfied

As they pushed their lips together Frank felt Gerard's hands run through his hair, still partially damp from the rain, and take a hold of the locking strands. His lips pulled away and he felt the other boy tip his head back, exposing that neck he'd been desperately ignoring for months. The pale lines tracing up and around, so close to the surface of his ivory skin. So easy to get to, so easy to...

"Do it." Gerard whispered.

Oh god. Frank's mouth twitched and his eyes dilated, like a cat watching a sparrow. Gerard leaned forward and pulled the neck of his shirt aside, exposing two perfectly shaped circles. Punctures, from previous events. IN the safe spot that he wouldn't ruin anything. He rested his hands on Gerard's hips and leaned in...

I wanna take your hand
Make you understand my side and our kind
But I know it's hard for you to let go of the world that you knew
Please just close your eyes, we're better off this way

Another flash change brings us ahead, Frank and Gerard close together in complete darkness, Gerard's eyes shadowed by dark circles, his skin paler than ever. Frank held him close as he shivered, fingers intertwined as he protected his mate.

"We'll make it." he promised.

"What if I go bad?" Gerard said into Frank's chest.

"We're not monsters. We're just creatures that are trying to's not all we ever do either."

It was dark.

"The sunlight burns." he whispered. "They'll begin to wonder, but you know how they are." Frank brushed Gerard's hair out of his face. "I could make them understand, but I have to let you see hat my world is like first...before it can be yours."

"I don't want them to worry." Gerard said.

Frank shushed him and held him close, his free hand running down Gerard's back reassuringly. "Just sleep, please, you'll feel better."

In the dark, no one hides but me.

They ran through the city night together, no lights. No people. Their coats flowing behind them as the shadows trailed under their feet like clouds of smoke then disappearing in the blink of an eye.

In the dark, no one hides.

It was just them, just them and the shadows to see.

In the dark, no one gets away.

It was just Frank to see Gerard's eyes turn red.

We owned the night!

Frank's infection had gone horribly wrong

We owned the night!

Gerard's lips dripped with black.

We owned the night!

And Frank's neck dripped with black as Gerard disappeared into the shadows

We owned the night!

It was dark
Blood Infections
So I know this isn't well written, but I wanted to get the idea out so I can work on it later. OKay?

Plus I haven't posted in forever, so here you do lovlies :squee:

Nate out
What the fuck is this
what the fuck is you
what the fuck


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My name is Nate. I like drawing, sleeping and cats.

(Formerly TabbiCatFTW if anyone recognizes that)

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Journal History

So I do have diabetus

My blood sugar was at 435

.....thats really bad

I could've died

BUt I didn't

So now I cant eat anything with sugar or carbs in it until monday

I'm having shitty withdrawls from caffine ugh


So now I'm drinking all the water. All of it.

Should I upload some art? I should upload some art.

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