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It was a rainy March night. The sun had gone down hours ago, it was just warm enough for the window to be open without dropping the inside temperature too much. The room was messy, it smelled like paint, cigarette smoke and teenager. Though, half the party that occupied the room was teenager. But that's another story.

The room seemed to cast a dark blue shadow in every corner nd every space. Dead air a dark hue with a hint of red. The kind of dark that f you stared for a long time you could see static. Your eyes may trick you into thinking a shadow or two was moving. The only light source was from a laptop sat neatly on a desk on top of a pile of papers, splattered with ink and riddled with broken pencil lead.

Mikey perched on the edge of his brother's chair, his skinny legs crossed over another as he clicked around. One long finger poised on the mousepad while his fingers nimbly jumped around, typing out the website URL. He squinted at the small text that poped up, telling him the site wanted access to his webcam. He clicked 'allow' and the red right blinked to life, a black box on screen suddenly revealed his hair and forehead.


The corners of his mouth twitched upward as the first person entered the chatroom. A good friend of theirs, he mused. Always ready for a show.

Torosaurus is typing

Mikey leaned back in his chair. Another person joined the chatroom. He was thinking of cutting it off at 6 people, maybe 10. He didn't want too may people seeing this show. The show, he thought, might cause drama if put in the wrong hands. He didn't want that, no sir. Drama was one thing him and his brother really hated. Speaking of...

"How you holding up Gee?"

Mikey turned to the figure on the bed, a complete silhouette  in the darkness of the bedroom. Gerard didn't make a sound. Mikey didn't expect him to, he was pretty quiet when he entered subspace with no stimulation. Mikey reached back and stroked a hand down his brother's back, in response the older Way shivered and leaned into the touch, moving his head around in the direction of the dominant.

He turned to the side to allow the camera to have sight of the dark lump on the bed. With one hand, he pressed the microphone.

"He's a kinky bastard." Mikey mused as he ran his fingers over the knots that held Gerard's hands behind his back. "Good thing I'm into that shit."

The chatroom began to buzz with people talking. A couple other friends of his had entered, including a few he was hoping to see. Mikey narrowed his eyes wickedly, amused at his ideas.

"I got something to show you guys."

Mikey pulled Gee up, one hand on his chest and one in his long, black hair. "Up now. big brother." he purred into his ear "Show all our buddies your pretty pretty marks, huh?"

Gerard gave a small whimper as he shuffled to his knees. He never had his feet tied, it was always his arms and face. Mikey held his head back with a yank, forcing his throat to the camera. On his neck, littered with hickies and bite marks as well as thick black letters that spelled out PROPERTY OF MIKEY WAY contrasted dramatically with his pale skin. The camera focused within a few seconds and the words showed clearly in the box. The chat roared to life.

"See that? He's mine." Mikey said softly but firmly as he stroked Gee's hair lovingly. "Mine, Iero. That goes for all you trying to get him."

He ignored the dings and the caps lock'd messaged lighting up the chatroom. Oh, they've done it now. Mikey kissed Gerard's wet lips that were still pressed around the bandanna gag he made. He bit his bottom lip and bit at his jawline. After a while of this, he pulled off to see the chat had calmed down. All 10 users seemed to be patiently awaiting for what happens next.

"Kid belongs to Mikey Way, and Mikey Way only." he growled.

MoikeyWay-> has left the chat
I just realized how popular I seem to be in the bandslash fanfiction scene 

...even though I really hate half my stuff...

or else I'm just being selfish 

even though this scene has been dead for a while.


How much more famous do I have to be before I can pull a Brittany Spiers? 

My mind is getting worse 
  • Mood: Gloomy
Chapter 7 - Tell The World, I'm Coming Home.

It had been a month since Ashley had been turned by Andrew.

Being a vampire wasn't as bad as it sounds. You don't feel very different, you just lose cravings for human food. Water is still an optional beverage, as is alcohol, but anything that wasn't blood wasn't appetizing at all. Ashley still liked to eat fruit occasionally, but really, he was rather excited when Andrew could swipe a bag of blood off an ambulance. He liked type O the best, even though Andrew always scoffed and compared it to skim milk.

It did have it's downsides though. Ashley wasn't white, yet his skin had turned a sickly shade of pale. He didn't have the lines like Andrew did, but what he DID have was the look that make people wonder if he had come down with something when he went out in the daylight. "Sir, are you alright?" "Sir, do you feel okay You look unwell."


His main plan was to use his powers to get his brother back.

He hadn't forgotten.

CC had still been missing, taken by that shitfaced Ringmaster douche who Ashley wanted to all but mercifully kill by a shot in the skull. He wanted that... thing to suffer for what he did to his baby brother. He had fantasies of torturing that motherfucker.  Hang him by his wrists and cut his stomach open, Cuban necktie, hang him with his own intestines, feed him his own fingers, cut out his eyes and shove them in his...well, you get the point.

This man made Ashley's black blood boil.

Yet they didn't have much of a game plan to get the boy back. He was still being treated like and animal and there was nothing Ashley could do to stop it. They've seen what Ringmaster was capable of. His cane that could cause blunt force straight through Andrew's chest, his darker-than-black magic spells, his fear-fueled influence over hundreds, if not thousands of mutants with extra-freaky powers...hell, he might even be immortal. You never fucking know with him. Ringmaster seems to be surprise after surprise.

Ashley was going through scenarios in his head as he paced around the room when Andrew said loudly,

"We're going to my house."

Ashley stopped pacing with one foot still hanging in the air. "What?"

Andrew, who was lounging in bed stared at the ceiling. "We're going to my house."

Ashley put his foot on the ground, his posture sunk and he felt confused. Andrew had always talked about how he couldn't go home because his family hated him, or he couldn't go home because it was too long since he'd been there, or that it's too far away, he never wanted to go home. If Ashley would so much as mention Europe Andrew would get suddenly pissy and drink from his flask. This wasn't normal. At all. Ashley walked over to the bed and sat down next to his mate, giving him a worried glance. Andrew didn't look at him, he kept his eyes poised at the ceiling.

"It's our best bet." he said. "There are tons of powerful vampires that live in that area. I didn't want to do it before because it would be so easy for you to be taken." Andrew's voice was soft and blunt. He closed his eyes.

"Weren't you like...exiled?" Ashley asked.

"No." he replied, "I just...didn't like it there...since what happened to Juliet."

Ashley nodded and closed his eyes. Laying back on the pillows, he turned to face Andrew. One hand came up to grasp his. "Are you sure you want to go?"

Andrew sighed softly, squeezing Ashley's hand. "Again, it's our best bet. But it's over seas, we'd need to take some kind of transportation, because I am sure as fuck not running there."
Facepaint again by XxTabbixX
Facepaint again
I like to mess around with make up

This was taken a while back, I don't have black hair anymore.
Eyepaint by XxTabbixX
So a friend of mine on Facebook showed me the awesomeness of putting watercolor on your face 

It's magical 

10/10 do reccommend


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I just realized how popular I seem to be in the bandslash fanfiction scene 

...even though I really hate half my stuff...

or else I'm just being selfish 

even though this scene has been dead for a while.


How much more famous do I have to be before I can pull a Brittany Spiers? 

My mind is getting worse 
  • Mood: Gloomy

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